Global Issues of Overpopulation and Ways to Solve Them

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As of 2019, the world’s population is 7.7 billion. The number of fertility and life expectancy is the main factor that makes up population growth. You may ask why is our planet overpopulated? There are several reasons why overpopulation occurs. According to an article I read, it said, “Decline in death rate at the root of overpopulation difference between the overall birth rate and death rate in populations”. Also, which means better medical facilities which means our technologies have advanced to help treat patients as needed. For example, couples that can’t conceive a baby can go to a fertility clinic and start the treatment or find other solutions. Today, medicine is so innovative that it makes conception the lead to a rising high birth rate. However, over time science has produced better food production alongside medical science which leads to many discoveries on defeating diseases. As long as scientists are creating new innovative ways to beat diseases that are saving lives it can also expand the human population rate.

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As I was reading this book called Overcrowded World, it stated that “The reliance of population size on the carrying capacity of a certain area is neither a natural given nor mindless automatism out of reach for the humans concerned. Specific socio-economic circumstances do, of course, entail an upper limit for food production” (Reitere, 2007, p. 28). When the population is growing it determines the availability of foods. In developed countries, people are fortunate to eat well. On the other hand, the unfortunate countries that are still developing are trying to survive with much less food.

 Another cause is more hands to overcome poverty as we may know some people don’t have enough money to support their families. If we help one another stay off of the streets and build more shelters for the homeless it makes it less crowded in the streets. Immigration is a major factor in why our population is growing because many people like to move to developed countries because of the benefits like better education, medical benefits, security, and jobs. Immigrants do not usually go back to their home country due to wars that are occurring which could be the reason they migrated to a developed country. People who choose to stay in developed countries start a new life and they don’t want to go back to what life was like in their native country.

The effects of overpopulation are depletion of natural resources as we know our planet is limited in producing natural resources like how much water and food. The environment is also being affected by the population because people are cutting down the forests and killing the wildlife. Our environment also has been affected by the pollution because humans caused this crisis upon the Earth. Another effect that harms our environment is degradation which is the overuses of coal, oil, and natural gases. This has caused the rising CO2 emissions that lead to global warming. Global warming has affected the polar by melting the polar ice caps as the climate is changing and also the sea levels are rising. As we know unemployment rising is another effect of overpopulation. As countries start getting crowded the unemployment rate increases which means fewer jobs for people to support their families. As unemployment rises crime rate also increases because since people don’t have a job to support themself, they steal numerous things to provide food for their families. Due to population the living cost also increases which simply makes it challenging for people because the economy increases as the population increases.

In conclusion. Stephen Hawking’s once said, “In the last 200 years the population of our planet has grown exponentially, at a rate of 1.9% per year. If it continued at this rate, with the population doubling every 40 years, by 2600 we would all bstandingnd shoulder to shoulder”. 

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