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Global Narrowing the Institution of Patriarchy

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The 21st century is earmarked as a great revolution in the history of women with the advent of globalization. The past has seen women living in oppression for simply being a woman under the dominance of men. The definition of Patriarchy totally stands in way of Gender equality, where the males hold primary power and predominate in roles of social privilege, political leadership, control of property and decision making process. Today, we hear voices of women in Parliament, courts and in the streets. We see great leaders, be it New Zealand’s present Prime Minister Jacinda Arden or former PrimeMinister of India, Indira Gandhi, which clearly showswomen are becoming prominent and fighting long-standing prejudices.

Globalisation is a gateway for movement of goods and services within inter or intra nations. Thus, have played a vital role in building a platform for the women to acquire the rights that were denied or believed to be not meant for them. As it has opened up broader network of communications with arrival of opportunities to both men and women, therefore promoting women to be a part of workforce. McKinsey Global Institute report says, $12 trillion could be added to the global GDP by 2025 by advancing women’s equality.

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The positive effects of globalisation can be undermined with their changing roles in work, family, marriage and even caste. Recently, in Landmark judgement of Hadiya case, where Supreme Court of India declared that ‘Right of faith is a part of fundamental right of choice’ with respect to one’s freedom to marry anyone irrespective of the religion. As more countries are getting closer, the physical boundaries tend to disappear with notable exchange of distinctive cultures of nations.

Feasibility of higher and quality education, Employment in advanced and technological sector, attitudinal changes towards women, development of more egalitarian set of gender equal society has been possible because of the social mobility achieved through globalisation. According to World Bank, failing to educate girls could end up world costing $13 trillion. Famous NASA astronaut, Kalpana Chawla, the pride of Indian nation wouldn’t have been on the global picture if she stayed in her hometow Karnal, a town in the states of Haryana, India. Similarly, Mother Teresa, an Albanian citizen, dedicated her entire life in helping the unprivileged people of India. They, for sure, have set an example in front of the global citizens and acting as a catalyst in the struggle of liberation of women. Particularly, in India, the constitution have granted equality of sexes which have been encapsulated in our fundamental rights. In 2018, Supreme Court of India abolished the Triple Talaq, the divorce practice inhabited in Muslim regime. This acknowledges how religious customs are not allowed to hamper right of equality and rights of dignity of women in the present world. It is the globalisation, that has made the paradigm shift in the thinking process dominated by traditional views, giving women an equal stance in the society.

Globalisation has been able to bridge the gender gap by giving an extension to women’s rights and giving wings to their potential. Though, considerable advancement in empowering women politically and socio-economically, however, the path is still full of roadblocks such as wage differentials, large scale informalisation of women labour, increased cases of Women Harassment etc. Patriarchy in Greek means ‘Rule of Fathers’ and where male act as the head of the household and run the community together with other fathers. What was the reason of establishment of such a society system where, a distinction of role based on gender exists? The answer lies in the prevalence of approaches at each level, be it household or be it political platform. We live in a world, where women are not looked upon as material of dominance but, as a companion who shares the responsibility as a co- head in the family as well as in professional society.


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