What Measures Will Help Stop Global Warming

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“Researchers have been alerting about the major issue of global warming from a few periods. In this red brick epoch, it is reached at a such level, where it is very tough to halt it, but we can decrease the results and causes of this alarming problem. There are too many questions arising for the human beings that they are the people who are sharing their hands in inclination of global warming. If so, what measures can be taken to stop this catastrophic difficulty? From the last one decade, burning of petroleum in vehicles and industries, cutting down of trees (for making structures), climatic change, rise in marine level and soften of ice sheets are some of the noticeable causes of rise in earth’s temperature. So, it is the duty of our people and governments to take some serious steps towards this environmental issue.

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On the first hand, the main root of current global warming is greenhouse gases which play a major role in rise of earth temperature. In 1863, Tyndall introduces that the water gas is a greenhouse gas. It is surveyed that transportation is the prime source of carbon dioxide. Because their engines burn a lot of fossil fuels that emits CO2. Moreover, when the radiations of the sun fall on the surface of earth, some of the rays are mirrored back but few of them remain on the ground which warms the earth. This is due to the layer formed by the gases like Co2 and Ch4 in the upper layer of our planet that stops these heats. If we observe the article of the variations in the weather and Business Strategies “vehicle field of India already accounts for 40% of total Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of the country”.

Secondly, the Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) released from refrigerators and air conditioners are depleting the ozone layer. If this reduction will stop in the ozone layer that will result in very dangerous skin problems like skin cancer. Furthermore, the glaciers are melting into a liquid at a very fast rapidity. Because of this, the residential near the coastal areas are disappearing. If we analyze the ocean level raised from last two decades due to the loss of massive Greenland ice sheet (GIS). Volcanoes are also responsible for raising the temperature because they release a huge amount of Sulphur dioxide and many of the other greenhouse gases. As well as the release of methane is also terrible for the crust of our globe because it leaves cracks on the ground i.e. having four times more terrific outcome than of co2 on the global warming. Deforestation is also the main source of global heating. Because trees can absorb Co2 and then they get it converted into oxygen. If there will be no plants, then there will be no conversion of carbon dioxide to O2. By a lot of researches done by our geniuses they came to know that since 1980, noticeable temperature is inclined roughly to 0.74 degree Celsius.

Additionally, the days are becoming more hotter and the length of summers are increasing which is creating an imbalance of the seasonal cycle. The rain periods are reducing also because of fewer rainfalls there is a problem of water for the agricultural lands and for humans too. In 2014, it was examined that the industrialization has risen with 40% from the last few decades. On the one side, they are providing us goods from the raw materials and offering us door to door services. But On the flip side, they use transportation for shipping which uses fossil fuels that are emitting unsafe smokes that ensuing in the heating of the globe. These smokes can have a great consequence on our future generations because it can cause some of the serious problems like asthma. As these warmings are occurring species are at their extinction points because they are not able to accept their changes in the environment.

The change in the weather is a great challenge for humans for their self. Because of the hotter weathers, there are draughts for instance like every area are becoming sandy and dry. If the ice sheets of Antarctica and the greenhouse will remain stay melting into water at such a rapid rate, then the consequences will be too much bad and harmful for all. But not only the actions performed by individuals are responsible for the warming of the globe also the natural phenomenon has an equivalent portion in a discharge of toxic gases. The diseased plants of the tropical forests release gases like CO2, CH4 which has a great impact on the earth. Furthermore, many of the rules were announced by the administrations for minimizing the industrial productions without using hazardous chemical and the fuels like petrol, diesel that effects our ecological balance. Due to these unsafe elements, humans’ health is at a great risk, which causes large scale deaths due to respiratory diseases. Therefore, to diminish the effect of the global warming human’s roles in the natural ecosystem must be controlled in order to make their environment enjoyable and disease free. In the last few years, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is increased by 40 per cent. This is all because of the greater demands of the humans for the automobiles. The major origin for this call of vehicles is a huge number of population.

So, what can we do to reduce the effect of global warming and for the protection of our globe? First of all, we have to lessen the use of the automobiles instead of using own vehicles go for the public transportation. There must be solar systematic machines in the industrial areas because if the machines will be run by the help of sun heat there will be no use of the other petroleum’s and it will be a great factor for making the environment carbon dioxide free. There must be the use of compressed natural gas because it doesn’t pollute. Moreover, the cutting down of trees must be stopped and plant more and more trees because they convert co2 into fresh air which we people need. So, to fully overcome on this alarming issue we should have to request or elected leaders that pass some strict rules. We also have to share an equal hand for following the rules if we want our environment free from this warming. If we will underestimate the global warming now than in the future it will be very difficult to survive in the warm and poisonous environment.

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