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Global warming is the effect that results from the excessive accumulation of carbon (IV) oxide in the atmosphere due to various reasons (Altieri, 6). They include emission of greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide from agricultural activities. The burning of fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, coal, petroleum and much more is also a notorious cause that aggravates the harmful effects of global warming. So, when these greenhouse gases and other chlorofluorocarbons accumulate in the atmosphere, they trap heat from the sun and prevent the natural circulation of heat from the surface of the earth back to the atmosphere. Without enough circulation, the temperatures on earth keep rising leading melting of polar glaciers, warming of waters in the oceans hence expanding the volumes. This has always led to flooding and loss of marine organisms as well as adverse effects on marine ecosystems. This paper, therefore, stands to support the argument that global warming results into detrimental effects which should be addressed and solved by the authorities concerned to save humanity and wildlife.

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Besides, communities need to come together and encourage the planting of trees that will utilize the excess carbon (IV) oxide in the atmosphere hence reducing these effects. Conservation of the environment and natural or planted forests is the first step to ensuring that all mankind gets access to fresh and clean air for breathing unlike the release of components that when inhaled would result into respiratory problems.

However, it is ironical how the authorities in different governments refute information on climate change and refer to it as mythical. They should instead support scientists who come up with these facts on global warming and help in providing remedies to these detrimental effects. For instance, the emissions of fossil fuels are mostly a result of modern industrialization and the processes of production in these companies are a good example. In as much as climate scientists are brought out these facts to different governments, they have denied these accusations since most of these modern industries are government-owned parastatals (Washington 4). These officials are afraid of tainting their image and the guilt associated with how the effects adversely impact the health of innocent youths is what they tend to run away from.

Climate change issues due to global warming can only be solved if the responsible authorities begin to acknowledge the facts presented to them by scientists and act accordingly towards providing results to the already existing effects. They also quite damaging the integrity of scientists and let them support their arguments regarding the roots and effects of climate change. The governments should instead carry out investigations that stem the causes of global warming and even seek the assistance of young university students and the general public in fueling positivity towards rich sources on climate change and provide solutions (Washington, 4).

It is okay for people to have different opinions on certain issues, but when it comes to global warming that should not be the case. People are here denying and vilifying scientists for revealing data on the rise of carbon (IV) oxide into the atmosphere because of burning fossil fuels (Powell, 3). But what people do not know is that these denials are only delaying us from facing this dangerous problem. The more time we waste the more we are going to suffer from heat waves, El Nino, heavy rainfalls and energy storms because these effects keep increasing their degree of damage to our various ecosystems within the environment (Powell 3).

Some of the things that the responsible authorities should do instead of spreading bad energy about climate are introducing sustainable ways of carrying out agricultural activities to help in conserving the agroecosystem. Thus, instead of using chemicals that pollute the environment, the government should educate farmer on sustainable ways of using biopesticides to avoid the release of chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere (Altieri 68). With all these, the levels of carbon (IV) oxide will reduce markedly to the benefit of human and wildlife, plants and microorganisms who inhabit the various ecosystems on earth.

Besides, the governments can stop denying these causes of global warming and invent technologies that would aim at conserving the environment while running agricultural processing plants (Altieri 68). In as much as every leader wants to grow the economy, they should also consider a system where all the agricultural produce in the economic markets do not result in health defects. This is only possible if the environments for production processes are safe from pollution that results from the harmful effects of contamination with poisonous gases that alternatively cause global warming. With this, they will also help local farmers because most of these sustainable measures are cheaper to afford than chemical pesticides and super developed technologies.

It is worrying how the scarce and unique species of plants and animals on earth are unable to quickly undergo the recovery process after being affected adversely by global warming (Jamieson & Shue 5). Adaptations to various climatic changes such as the rise in surface ocean temperatures for organisms that live in water bodies is a process and before these organisms realize they die off. Global warming is depleting tourist attraction sites and other beautiful sceneries at a drastic rate. This should ring a bell to the economic governments to conserve these ecosystems as a result of promoting economic growth.

However, most rejections and denials to curbing the dangerous effects of climate change are due to arguments of scientific uncertainties, people really still need to promote new research methodologies that will help in finding the facts about issues on global warming (Jamieson & Shue, 7). Politicians should also invest more in scientific researchers to build more confidence in their research work concerning global warming (Hogan 5). We need to find ways of solving these uncertainties to provide effective solutions to issues of global warming.


So, it is critical that we all strive towards rescuing ourselves from the dangers that lurk in the adverse effects of global warming. Or we can keep wallowing in self-doubt, guilt, denial, name them and watch our beautiful nature go down the drain. How that is going to impact on our wild animals who rely on forests as habitats and sources of food is something people can never recover from fully. Not forgetting how human beings will survive considering that most of the sources of oxygen, food and economic activities have been depleted by global warming. So, everyone should go out there and support the scientists who are working tirelessly to provide information on climate change and use this to provide the required solutions.

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