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Ever since the 1900’s our world has quickly become more and more connected in astounding ways. As countries became more connected with one another humans found ways to quickly send goods and services all over the globe creating better economic opportunities. Although this would normally be a good thing there are actually quite a few problems that can occur from companies expanding to foreign countries. The expansion of cultures and products is called globalization and it’s growing by the year.

Although I mentioned bad points in the previous paragraph there are many good things that Globalization caused for the world. With the higher quality of transportation and communication many countries now have greater diversity than they have ever had before. An article from called “The Pros And Cons Of Globalization” states that the global free trade believes that globalization actually promotes economic growth, creates jobs, causes companies to be more ambitious, and lowers prices for buyers. The website also states that libertines believe globalization can help raise the global economy if the right situation occur. It is also a bonus for people to be able to fly to a foreign country in a day while still being able to eat foods common in their respective country and contact their family members shortly after.

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Many of the good things that come with Globalization also come with certain consequences, especially when it comes to multinational corporations. These corporations are typically large ones such as Nike that creating unfair working conditions for foreign employee’s. The sad thing about this is that it is true in some areas. According to, many people believe that globalization creates an opportunity for richer countries to act without caring as much about the foreign branches of their companies. Despite the jobs globalization has created it also doesn’t help much with economic situations in poorer countries.

When it comes to how America was affected by the increase in globalization, it is clear to many that America has taken full advantage of the opportunities globalization has created. Our country’s influence can be seen even in the most hidden of places. A person could go to a deep forest in Southern Asia and still find a place to buy a coca cola. With Globalization Americans now have a larger diversity of goods and services to purchase and improvements in technologies that allow us to communicate have given us the opportunity to talk to our Allies and Enemies during times of emergency. The cons from Globalization are also very present in America however especially in the economy.

Due to the fact that Multinational corporations from America are large and gain a lot of money, they have done a great job of giving America a position as one of the top first world countries in the world. With multiple locations around the globe used to create items, goods have become cheaper too. This is mostly because people in foreign countries are willing to work for less but this has caused a decrease in jobs for Americans. According to there has also been a decline in manufacturing within the US therefore decreasing our ability to innovate. The website also states that fewer jobs in America have caused lower productivity, a decline in wages, a decline in living standards, and lower economic growth causing it to seem as though Globalization has done more harm than good for the people in America.

Although Globalization has caused a lot of problems for America so far, it still has lots of potential that could better the country. Thanks to it we have become more connected with the rest of the world than ever before encouraging tolerance and teaching citizens more about different cultures. Although it is obvious that Globalization has helped to bring people from different backgrounds together, its side effects cannot be ignored. Unless these problems are solved, things will only get worse because globalization won’t be leaving anytime soon. Luckily, we are humans, and we are great at adapting to change in order to create a better world.

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