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In recent times boat neck blouse has become the talk of the town specially after Meghan Markel, the new Duchess of Sussex is seen to be a big fan of the trend. Her wedding dress had the boat neckline and later she was seen wearing the similar style at many of her public appearances. Before her, this neckline was made famous by another female actor in the mid-1950s: Audrey Hepburn. She was a fashion icon of those times and the boat neck blouse was worn by her in many of her movies.

Now, what is this boat neck blouse? These designs of blouse are also known as the princess or bateau neckline. They are the edgier version of the scoop neckline. This design of blouse work best with those who have long neck and small head as it makes both of them look wider. It will also help someone who have small chest or bulky arms as they can cover it beautifully. Again, having said that, we believe that everybody can dress according to their choice of fashion, you just have to carry it with confidence. As, if you get into the history of fashion industry, the ladies who used to wear boatneck were among the Paris elite who could afford haute couture. Therefore, during those times in the Paris elite there were no rules who can wear this neckline, any woman from the elite group can wear it. As such there is no hard and fast rule who can wear or what to wear with a boat neck line. It is seen that anything and everything goes amazingly with a boatneck line. You can wear a boat neckline gown just like the princess itself! Look how flawlessly she carried herself and you can also do the same.

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You will get many gown tailors in Kolkata who will readily provide you with these types of gowns, you have to just go and give them your designs. There are many designer tailors in Kolkata, West Bengal, if you want you can visit them and tell them to make boatneck blouse for your lehangas or sarees. Anybody can wear a boatneck just the tailoring has to be correct. It is a structured blouse therefore it really needs to be well fitted. If you are thinking about your accessories it is a great opportunity to show off your earrings. Necklace is not preferred as it makes the look to heavy. Overall the boat neck itself is so simple and elegant that it is doesn’t need much accessories. Less accessories the more graceful will be your look. The boat neck blouse or dress is a piece which one should have in their closet forever. There is another way from where you can get boat neck blouse or gowns and that is online tailoring services. You can comfortably choose your dress with the neckline and order them instantly.

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