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Goa: Some Typical Destinations

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Goa is a state in the south west of India, whose beaches have an international reputation as terrestrial paradises, and have attracted tens of thousands of tourists, from all countries and origin, since the hippies in the 60s, who arrived in a truck from Europe, and never returned home, even the lovers who go on honeymoon, or backpackers who stop at the beaches to rest a few days before continuing their adventures around the country. It is known for the most fashionable beaches, those that are seen in the movies, are at the center of the region!

Place of pilgrimage

These contrasts from the first basilica with other Goan churches, all white: here the building was built in laterite purple. Renaissance, the church is dedicated to the Child Jesus. The interior has a Baroque decoration that reached its peak with the altar and on the pulpit whose angels have nothing to envy to the Hindu temples of cherubs. On the other hand, the cloister, whitewashed, is more relaxing. A basilica is a sacred place since it houses the tomb of the great preacher of Asia, San Francisco Javier. Every 10 years – and he “falls” of this year 2014 – his body is on display in the Cathedral, in November.

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Anjuna Market

One of the typical destinations is usually the traditional markets. This exceeds how many I have seen. People from all corners of India and even beyond meet in Anjuna, near Colva, to sell their wares. From leather coats to sandals, pipes, hats, all kinds of crafts … it’s hard not to get lost among the hundreds of improvised alleys between the stalls. It is necessary to arm yourself with patience because the art of haggling here is carried in the blood, but good prices can be obtained. This is crowdy but is lovely to be there!

Goa Beach

When you reach Goa, you rest. Everything is quieter. 50-year-old hippies with longer hair tell you where to find a bungalow, for a few euros you have a beautiful cabin on the shore of the beach, which is a jewel, white sand, turquoise sea, coconut trees for shade, and beers cheap It is difficult to spend more than 15 euros a day, all included. The food is very tasty, with curry and fried or grilled fish, little meat is eaten in India. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book your tickets now and visit this must to go place!


The city of Panaji is located on the banks of the Mandovi River. It is the capital of Goa since 1843, and the best way to get to know it is to walk through its old cobbled streets, seeing its colonial houses with red roofs, its taverns, and cafes. Who would not say that we are walking around any city in Portugal? In Panaji, you have to see the Government Building or the Church of Our Lady of Conception, built in the Baroque style in the sixteenth century, an authentic wonder in white stone.


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