Goal Setting: Why Setting a Goal is Important

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Goal Setting is viewed as a standout amongst the most critical components of an effective profession look. Understanding your objectives influences each part of your hunt: your general vocation objectives, an objective articulation on your resume or LinkedIn profile, your objectives for a specific meeting, and your day by day objectives for dealing with your profession seek. Goals are part of every person’s career it provides a motivation and clarity. Setting a SMART goal is very important to every individual it helps the person to understand what he wants to do in his life where should he improve/work to get his goals achieved. SMART goal is the acronym for Specific, Measurable,Achievable,Realistic and Time-framed goal. In this manner, a SMART goal consolidates all these criteria to help center your endeavors and increment the odds of accomplishing that objective.  So why is setting a goal important ?

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Getting a good job at the end of my Graduation is my goal for this SMART approach will be this way. First of all I should be specific about the industry where I want to get a job. A good job is measured by the salary you are expecting and you are getting paid. This is the measure by which a good job is determined. For this to be achieved I’ll start acquiring the required skills for the job which I’m trying to get or apply. I start building the network to get the job or try interacting with many people who’ll be my prospective employers also I’ll start attending job fairs and events related to the industry where I want to find a job. Realistic goal should be set for it to be achieved I can only get a good job suited for my skills and my level of skills I cannot go beyond the level of skills I have. For that I have to develop my skills more. My goal Is time framed as I am planning It for just after my graduation not more than one or two months after my graduation.

To achieve the goal we have to write down all the steps and try to achieve or complete all the steps within the time frame. Periodically evaluating the progress and understanding what’s achieved and what’s not will help us a lot to achieve the final SMART goal. Each of the mini goal/task should have a deadline and we should try to complete the task within the deadline then it will be possible to achieve the final goal.    

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