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Going Or not Going to College: My Decision

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Education is a very important tool that every teen should obtain. Graduating from high school and thinking about heading off to college can be a scary time. For many high school seniors, going to college after graduation is a given. But going to college immediately after high school is not the right choice for everyone. Most teens prefer to work or travel instead of going to college, which is fine. College is a choice for everyone, you don’t necessarily need to go to college and get a degree. Yes, you may not need or want to go to college but occasionally, it’s a good idea to get a college degree. What do you plan to do after high school?

Parents, teachers, and guidance counselors have drilled into people’s heads that you must attend college. They always tell others if you don’t get good grades in any 4-year college degree then “the rest of your life will be a failure.” What adults don’t understand is that high school is harder and different from their generation so students spend most of their time focusing on finishing the classes so they can gradually with their class, but don’t spend enough time to think of what to do after high school. Some students prefer to work to gain experiences from the world and see what interests them. Some students take a year off after high school to travel, volunteer, and apprenticing. While going to college immediately after high school may not be the right choice for everyone, there are some significant benefits some need to consider.

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Some studies have shown that many students who wait instead of going to college immediately after high school never end up going at all. If you take a job right after high school, you may find yourself putting it off year after year, and it could hurt you in the long run. College graduates have more earning potential on average than people who only have a high school diploma. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that in 2018, people with a college degree made around $1,198 a week. Someone with a high school diploma earns just $730, which means non-college grads are missing out on $1 million in earnings over a lifetime. Many job postings require a college degree just to get an interview. Employers understand that college develops your ability to think analytically, to understand complex subjects, and to better communicate your ideas. No matter what major you pursue in college, employers know you picked up skills in organization, self-discipline, and the ability to follow through on important tasks.

College can be the bridge between childhood and adulthood. The transition is an opportunity for you to reflect on the person you were in high school, and the adult you want to become.  


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