Going Without Media for 24 Hours

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Going without media for 24 hours is not really difficult for me. I just picked Saturday and started at 7am when I waked up, and ended the next day morning at 7am. It is easy for me to succeed because I live with my niece who is 5 years old, so I can accompany her for playing toys, drawing and doing homework. It is easy to kill time with a lovely kid. After doing those things at home, I went to the park with her and played a while. It has been quite a long time that I haven’t been to the park, those memories of my childhood came flooding back at that moment. I remember how I can pass through the childhood without phones, iPads and all electronic products. But there was a problem as I forgot to bring my phone and my mum couldn’t call me. She didn’t know when we will come back home and where were we at that time. It is really hard that can’t contact with others actually. After eating lunch, I decided to go shopping in Kwai Fong with my mum and my niece. It was inconvenient that couldn’t check the “Next Bus” arrival enquiry service and finally we waited for 15 minutes as we couldn’t catch up with the last bus. Then, as we all know the news about somebody inserted needles to the bus chairs, so we checked it carefully before we sit down. After having a happy moment with my family, we went home and the time was 8:30pm and they started to watch the popular TV series “Yan Xi Gong Lue”. I was not happy that I need to go back to my room, but I was still persisting and not giving up at that moment as I know I can watch it later on “my TV Super”. The several hours before I went to bed, I read an article of “The Environmental Crisis in Your Closet” which is a course required reading of the English lesson. It was a good time for me to read and get some idea of this topic as I have a presentation later. At 11pm, I prepared to go to sleep, and my parents told me that I need to stick the stickers on the window to let it not to break down easily as there was going to be a typhoon tonight. The next day morning around 7 am when I waked up, I watched the news and there was hanging signal number 8 already! I couldn’t feel it was really signal no. 8 as the typhoon not really near HK at that moment, so it was not very strong at all. After knowing the weather, I started to check my phone and reply all the messages, and looked over Instagram and Facebook to see what my friends posting. I think the media applications that I most missed are Instagram and Facebook as I usually to check it and I would like to know the things about my friends from here. Being media-free is really difficult for people, as we can’t know what is happening in the world. If there is a typhoon, people is no time to do the protective measure, as we don’t know the weather anymore.

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It is a big problem if there is no news, just like if I didn’t know the news of about somebody inserted needles to the bus chairs, I will not check it carefully and I maybe will get hurts if it happens again. There are still many disadvantages, for entertainment, people can’t watch the television or watch movies on YouTube. For me as a student, I cannot do the research on the internet with using computers, etc. But on the other side, we can get rid of being “phubber” and get close to the people around us. We can chat more with our family during the dinner and not only watching the phones. Also, no texting other people when we are going out with our friends. Besides, when we go outside, we can pay more attention to the people who needs help and not only listening music with earphones when we are walking or in the bus. For health, no eye problems, ear problems and neck pain causing by electronic products. Furthermore, there will no internet bullying any more. It is a serious problem in Hong Kong as there are many not responsible people. They will give comments under someone posts which are outrageous, as they think that they don’t need to take responsibility.

There are still many advantages like no phone scams, information being theft, etc. Media keep shaping our life. We can get information from it, or even give the information through the media. Sometimes, I think we should use our wisdom to choose the information what is reliable or not. Just like there are many news media, each has their own different view of values and some are giving very subjective messages to the people, we cannot be influenced by these subjective comments then have the wrong thinking. But we are still very lucky to have media, as it is a great tool to know all the things in the world and being social with others. Being social with others through using media is seems that can get close to people, but it will also be alienated from others at the same time. However, we should use the media in the right way to get our life better.

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