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Golfing Overview And The Golf Sports

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Everybody has heard of the sport of golf. Most of us have probably seen it on TV too. But, what you don’t know is how much skill is needed to play this sport. A game of golf is a lot more involving than you think. From swinging a club to carrying your golf bag, golf is a hardcore sport.

Golf is harder than you think. When I first thought of golf I thought of a rich, boring, and lame sport that had no rough sides to it whatsoever. But, after some hard facts, I realized that, all this is not all there is to golf. First off let’s go over the reasons golf might be hard. A golf bag, these bags can get heavy and add up to equal 25 to 30 pounds once all the sports equipment is loaded up. Most golfers can’t afford a caddie so they have to carry their own bags for about four hours. Yep! Four hours of golfing in the hot sun. Golf Courses can add up to be four to five miles of walking, and this doesn’t account for the hills and different obstacles on a golf course. Let’s add this up really quick. “You have eighteen holes and fourteen clubs, one to two water bottles, and one to two Gatorades” – Joe Dougherty. All this gear and being out for hours will take a toll on a body. And that is just one reason why golf is very hard and tiring.

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“Positioning is everything in golf” (mathmatics in golf prezi). Your stance and how you swing could mean you win or lose. “The perfect swing is one of the most important things you can have” – Joe Dougherty. On average, it takes about 3 seconds to swing and hit the little golf ball. Now, this can be very difficult since you must swing the club up to speeds 150 miles per hour. Not only that but, “you have to be on by the millimeter” – Joe Dougherty. Being on target will also allow for you to know the action your golf ball will take.

After you have hit the ball there are three different trajectories the ball could fall into. A low trajectory, medium trajectory, and high trajectory. Hitting the ball at a low trajectory rate causes the ball to fly fast and hard, but usually does not go very far. A medium rectory rate is your normal club hit. Most of your game will be medium hits. A high trajectory rate will go the farthest but is also manipulated by the wind a lot easier than a lower trajectory. Taking this into consideration, your technique has to be perfect and you have to have of course great hand eye coordination.

“You have to be gifted” – Joe Dougherty. Professional golfers are born less than they are made. And besides just being born good at golf, you must practice, and practice, and practice, to be the best you can. “When I was three and a half years old my dad took me golfing for the first time. He tells me how I was making perfect shots. From that moment on I knew that I wanted to be a golfer” -Joe Dougherty. In the sport of golf you can not be lacking in any of the categories the game. The categories you ask? Yes! These categories: putting, short game, long game, and bunker play.

If you’re like I was and confused on almost all these topics let me explain each to you. Putting is when you have hit your ball all the way to the green where the flag and hole is very near. Short game is the swings you make working your way up to the green. Long game is mostly played when just starting off. The very first shots you take will mostly be long game. And the last one bunker play. Bunker play is when you have to take shots around or in obstacles. Having to be good at all these parts of golf is extremely hard. So now your starting to see why this sport is so difficult.

What are what are some other reasons a sport is hard? Well, the language of the sport. Here is some golf language. But first, let me explain to you some things you want to know if you’d ever go and play golf. There are eighteen holes in a full game of golf. 10 par 4s, 4 par 5’s, and 4 par 3’s. A par is the number of strokes need to get to pass the hole. If you get one below par it is called a birdie, and we all know the less strokes taken on a hole is better. Another not so good golf term is when you get one or more above par, this is called a bogie. Here are some more terms just so you can grasp the complexity of this sport: eagle, ballooned, carved, divot, backspin and more. Only these few terms and golf is starting to sound increasingly complicated.

If you didn’t think golf is complicated enough, there is a lot of math involved. Of course, you wouldn’t walk on to the golf course and pull out a math worksheet to calculate how to hit the ball. But, there are ways to get a good idea of where the ball is going. The Distance Formula and the Parabolic Equation are ways to figure that out. Both of these formulas can tell where and how the ball will fly, land, and the power needed get it there. A golfer would have to think on these things before swinging.

When playing golf, patience is a virtue. A game of golf is very long and tiring, and not everyone is cut out for it. Patience plays a big role in golf. You take your one shot and wait for everyone else playing with you to take their shot. Then you take your second shot etc. Also, having the skill to relax, slow down, and take your shot. There are many sports, but golf takes that calm gifted part of you to play.

Golfing is a skill only few possess. Not everyone is capable of the harsh, extreme capabilities it takes to be a golfer. The sun, rain, the heavy bag, the skill, the swing, the mindset, and the personality are all things it takes to be a golfer. There will be haters who believe golf is for the weak, but I have found out otherwise and will live to tell the story of how golf is a hardcore sport.


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