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According to many who hark back to the country’s Vedic past, once a norm and a go-to medicine in the country, has seen a revival of sorts in the last two years, coinciding with the advent of the BJP government that has brought in cow protection laws. The demand for gomutra — whether as a medicine, a face pack or a floor cleanser — is rising even beyond Indian shores

Being able to reduce the smell it has be possible to avail by many which is a great way to become a popular product with removing the drawbacks of it , done by A2 Naturals. And relating it to grandmothers also hits the public on a emotional note and serving it by the name of “gomutra shots” also connects the young generation . Playing on things like relating to roots, serving natural ingredients , linking to age old saying , and Patriotism is a great marketing strategy.

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In todays world we are willing to buy any stuff irrespective of it being useful , so if someone provides us think we don’t prefer but in a better way which actually help they we are willing to anything , so making a waste product marketable product. Zero marketing requirement of cow urine proves the statement . If enough marketing is done and people unaware about the benefits are educated then the product would surely become a hit in the Indian market weather rural or urban . As the world is moving to become a fitter nation it would for sure be a go to product for people if its marketed in such a way.

The 12 years old FMCG Company Patanjali is the fastest growing company in India. Founded by Acharya Balkrishna in 2006, with Ramdev Baba as brand Ambassador. Some of the key analysis of Patanjali’s Marketing –Seeing the for 4 aspects

  1. Product – Ranges from foods to health products to personal care.
  2. Price – Patanjali keeps the price lower than the competitor.
  3. Place – They have extended to Nepal also
  4. Promotion – Patanjali Ayurveda goes with the Slogan “Prakriti ka Ashirwad”. And Baba Ramdev’s image is single headedly responsible.

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev being the promoter of the herbal products produced by Patanjali is the vital advantage that Patanjali has over any other FMCG company in India. Encashing on the image is a real game changer.

Patanjali’s objective of the business is to provide cost-effective products, superior quality products which are the crucial factor in the success of any FMCG company.

Ramdev baba tries to encash the swadeshi aspect also by showing Patanjali a India Made product.

Patanjali products are generally priced at 20-30 % lower than the competitive brands and thus it becomes impossible for the competitive brands to compete with Patanjali on price. The company sources the products directly from farmers and thus cuts on middlemen. Hence, they are able to produce at lower costs. A comparison of prices for some products is given below are given below.

Low or no advertising and promotion expenses are helping the company by keeping its prices low and make it affordable without compromising on quality. Challenges faced would be-

For many of its consumers, Patanjali is still synonymous to Baba Ramdev and hence any actions of Baba Ramdev will have repercussions on the brand itself. Baba Ramdev’s political affiliations are also well known and hence if at all he is targeted for any political vendetta, Patanjali will also suffer. Thus the CEO being his pupil played a masterstroke for the company. Company trying to remove the foreign companies from India which is quiet against the policy of Modi government but the rural public prefers the concept.

Future Plans would include, Currently world is moving towards a fit nation motive which is evident as companies are willing to invest in organic products , Patanjali enjoys the trend. Rural areas could be tapped as per the companies policies. Patanjali tapping the online market is also a nice aspect.

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