Good and Bad Aspects of Multitasking

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Maximizing an available time to get more results is one of the actions of today’s generation. Living on the sting and acting 24/7 appears to be an exciting concept however in reality, does multitasking really works? Does it bring in the desired outcome? Do people achieve extraordinary results? We like to kid ourselves into basic cognitive processes that we’re multitasking, or when we’re multitasking we’re more effective. Or getting more done and so on. But in reality, there is no such thing as getting multiple things done at the same time. Your brain can solely focus on one thing at a time, especially if that thing takes a lot of energy and focus for you to be effective.

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Multitasking is the ability to perform more than one task at a given time.

For example, while driving to school you simultaneously answer phone calls, eat a sandwich, browse through the headline in the newspaper and even listen to music on the radio.

The truth is we can do things simultaneously, which is not the same as doing something at the same time. Which isn’t possible. At the workplace, you juggle email, phone calls, queries from colleagues, meet with vendors and manager administrative work, simultaneously. Once you are home you watch your favorite TV show, prepare for your job presentation, reply to a few text messages on your phone, assist your child with his homework and eat your dinner alongside.

On contemplating, you may be happy with the number of tasks that you are doing, but spare a thought to the anxiety it generates, the mental and physical stress it causes, the risks you took on the road, the insensitive approach in dealing with your child and the countless number of things that just happened mechanically.

The bigger danger is that after you’re bitten by the multitasking bug you unwittingly enable it to creep into all aspects of your skilled and private life. In the starting, you might be excited by your ability to manage multiple tasks poor productivity, and eventual burnout. While it is alright to perform a few administrative tasks simultaneously, most other jobs require focus and consentaneously, to obtain results. Evaluate your workday and identify its most productive time blocks. Now dedicate this time slot to complete important jobs, minimize or avoid distractions in the form of emails, SMS, and phone calls. Stay focused on one job, complete it, and then move to the next one.

You need to make a conscious choice to spend quality time with people at work and home. The advantage of this choice is many.

For instance, you may find ways to delegate or even dump a few unimportant tasks, you will be able to obtain better results on jobs of importantly, you will be at peace with yourself and enjoy work. Health and happiness can set in nature and most importantly. You will be safe and sound with those who matter.

In conclusion, the fact is that only the computer was meant to multitask.

The human brain can be like a pc, however, it’s not a machine and was thus not meant to perform multiple tasks at just once. Multitasking is a state of constant, self-induced distraction that ends up in extreme consequences to human and cultural well-being. 

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