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Major Characters

The major characters in Good Will Hunting are Chuckie Sullivan, Will Hunting, Prof. Gerald Lambeau, Sean Maguire, Billy MacBride, Morgan Mally, and Skylar. Will Hunting is a math genius who’s able to solve any complex math problem.

Based on

Good Will Hunting is a fictional story featuring the starring Will Hunting. He grew up as an orphan and never got a chance to receive formal education. He is working as a janitor at an institution of higher education.


Will Hunting grew under intense pressure, abuse, lack, and many other things that would have made him give up. His good company of friends such as Skylar, and Dr. Sean helped him overcome many obstacles in life. Maguire is a painter but the first time he meets Will, will not help but describe his tattered life by just studying his painting. Math formulas are the main symbols used.


A person’s social, cultural, and economic status are influenced by their education level. Will Hunting is a math genius doing janitorial duties. He has a good mental capacity but due to lack of formal education, nobody pays attention to him.


Will Hunting has a high IQ yet he is employed as a janitor. His strong self-will drives him to start solving complex math problems. Professor Gerald Lambeau notices his intelligence. He embraces the young man and begins to help him find his purpose. Will’s pride drives him to attack a police officer. He is arrested and the professor helps him get a lesser sentence.

Why is this topic important

A person must find meaning in life by following the good path. This is the path that Will chose. He trusted and had faith in friends who helped him overcome his emotional, vulnerable side.

Main Ideas

Will is charismatic but he has too many life challenges. He is a troublemaker and violent man but also a gifted genius. If you follow his story closely, you will learn about his unstable past in detail. The main idea is about overcoming one’s bad past and harnessing your talent.

Key Quotes
  • Sean to Will “You can never understand real loss because you only experience it when you love beyond yourself.”
  • Skyler to Will “Well, you found me!”
  • Morgan – “My boy is wickedly smart.”
Interesting facts

A good part of the movie was filmed in Toronto. Only the major scenes were shot in Boston. For example, the lecture hall is the laboratory of the University of Toronto St. George campus. The movie was originally a college assignment. Matt Damon had been assigned to write one page but he ended up writing 40 pages.

Why should this topic be used

This movie displays a high level of creativity. Damon shares a few real-life experiences that inspire the creation of a best seller movie. The position of a janitor earns the least wage but someone at that level managed to prove intelligence is important just like education.

Arguments for

Good Will Hunting teaches a lot of positive lessons. It encourages people to have dreams, hope, love, and friends. It helps people know how to deal with fear, weakness, brokenness, and loss.

Arguments against

Will is uneducated and him trying to prove he is a genius will not help him. He needs the education to fit into the career world. He opens up about his life to people like Skyler but he would be better off if he concealed his background.

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