Google’s Overview of Social Responsibility Initiatives

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Over the past, Google is among the major companies that have gained popularity in many countries in the world. Additionally, it is a company that is being used by millions of individuals on a daily basis to carry out various activities that are related to this modern century. It is one of the American multinational technology companies that is based in US and is capable of not only specializing in various internet related services but also deals in several other products some of which includes search engines, hardware and software and even cloud computing services that are normally required by large number of populations in various locations (Anna, 87). Moreover, in 1998 two individuals came on board and founded Google company after combining their ideas. Larry Sage together with Sergey Brin who were pursuing their PH. D, at Stanford University by then, were the two students who came up with several advanced ideas and were able to put google company into operation. Ever since the entire company was incorporated, its promising rapid growth has been able to trigger a chain of different types of products, acquisition and even reasonable forms of partnerships that have moved far much beyond the search engine of google company. On the other hand, it provides customers with various types of services that are specifically designed scheduling and management of their respective emails, working purposes together with productivity, messaging services, video charting, and even language translation into different forms that can be easily understood by various users irrespective of their background and culture.

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Overview of Social Responsibility Initiatives

When talking about corporate conscience, it majorly focuses on giving back to the community most so the one that has the potential of keeping the whole of your business to be afloat at all times and at sometimes it can also involve all those communities that are far much beyond your reach. Being able to have a social culture that is reasonable will make all the employees have a good perception of the entire company and its operations (Ortas,112). Companies like Google that have been able to encourage different types of employees to take part in volunteerism are creating a much more conducive environment that enables the employees to carry out their operations in an adequate manner.

On the other hand, it has become one of the most responsible companies that have the capability of making a lot of impacts beyond its boundaries and headquarters. Corporation’s efforts in addressing the issue of Internet servicesSince we are living me a modern world, Google company has always placed much focus in addressing the issue of internet services across large populations. Their main aim is to ensure that each and every individual has the capability of getting access to a quality search engine that has the potential of providing them with the necessary results that they need irrespective of their locations. The whole company is always there to ensure that the internet services that they provide to the society members through different platforms is always up to date and has the capability of operating efficiently at all times to ensure that all their customers get impressed to their satisfaction at all times. On the other hand, the company also puts many efforts on various programs which include google chrome, Firefox and even google drive where both google chrome and Firefox are specifically meant for internet search engines that that be used by individuals at a click of a button irrespective of where they are. Any person who is concerned with carrying out a specific type of research should worry no more since their problem in this modern world is perfectly solved by google internet services through the search engines that they are able to provide in terms of programs that can be installed in devices like mobile phones and computers. Besides, google drive acts as a cloud storage device where one can be able to store his or her data information without worrying about the device they are using being affected by certain types of virus or even crushing at some point. Regardless of what happens, they will still be able to recover their data through the use of another device. The success of Google Company Google company has made a lot of success when it comes to social corporate responsibility in a dressing the issue of internet services across large nations. One of the major success it has been able to put in a clear light is its dedication to a much more continuous and advanced innovation.

According to the top management team of Google company, they have been able to see innovation as one of the company’s major mission thereby empowering all its employees to become creative at all times to ensure that most of the public issues among their customers are addressed in real time and with a lot of confidence (Hammer, 118). Another success that has been achieved by this company is the monetizing form of search. The entire launch together with a meaningful iteration that is associated with the search logarithm clearly set a clear method brought about by Google to each and every subsequent type of product that is related to the company. Three years into its existence, the company decided to take one of the most crucial steps in monetizing its entire position in search through an introduction of what is known as Google AdWords. Failures of Google company One of the major failures of Google in terms of dealing with social corporate responsibility towards addressing the issue of internet services is the introduction of what was known as Google+. This was one of the major social media platforms that the existing search giant tried its level best to shove down each and every person’s throat. The total population that has been able to use Google+ for various purposes is very minimal thus making it appear like a bad sign when the entire Google company has to force many of its customers to use its social media services. Key stakeholders

There are various key stakeholders who are dedicated to ensuring that each and every procedure and activity is carried out in an adequate manner according to the rules and regulations. The users are the major top stakeholders who are valued by the entire Google company since they are the main target as far as the services are concerned. Additionally, governments and investors also play one of the most important in acting as the major stakeholders in this company and have been able to oversee everything taking place right from the top position to the lowest positions. The motivation as to why the entire organization has put much focus on the issue The main reason why the organization has decided to put much focus on this issue is to give all its customers the best service so far and make them be able to easily carry out most of their operations in this 21st century. Additionally, it also wants to appear at the topmost position to be one of the best companies so far when it comes to addressing the needs of various individuals without showing any form of discrimination regarding their background or even places that they live and conduct most of their activities.

So far, Google has partnered with Bang to ensure that the criteria of addressing this public issue are implemented to its level best thereby benefiting the targeted group in a required manner without them being faced by any barrier. In conclusion, business management is one of the most essential parameters in the field of business, therefore, there is the need to implement it adequately with an intention of improving the status of the entire organization together with the employees working within the same organization. This will help to attain most of the future goals in real time.

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