Gospel Essentials: Using Christian Values in Tutoring

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In life we’re given many opportunities to help others, whether it be in school, workplaces or small activities throughout the day. This semester I was given the privilege of peer tutoring a grade nine student. This experience has helped me a lot because I was once in their place and understood the struggles of adjusting to high school. By being the tutor of Mateo, I was able to demonstrate the Gospel Values in a practical manner; which further established what I’ve been taught. Some of the values that I was able to effectively portray is, Faithfulness; I trusted that my student would excel in his studies so I was diligent to consistently tutor him. Stewardship; by utilizing all the resources provided for us to use at school, to help Mateo. Lastly, Pursuit of Excellence; I made sure we strove for excellence during our sessions because I knew he had the ability to be successful.

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Through my time tutoring I portrayed faithfulness, just as Jesus did. During Jesus’ time on the earth, he faithfully loved and cared for others, despite whether they believed in him or not. As he spoke in the synagogues and taught the people about the truth, many people believed he was a liar, yet, he faithfully went and continued to spread the gospel everywhere he went. As you read through the Gospels, there were times when the disciples lacked understanding when Jesus taught his parables. Regardless, Jesus helped them; displaying be faithfulness. In Matthew 26:34–35, Jesus predicticted that Peter may deny him, even then he continued to care and teach him. Peter is now recognized as one of the early leaders of the church. Similar to Jesus, I continued to help, teach, and care throughout my tutoring experience. Even though my student was not keen on attending our sessions sometimes, I still cared and wanted him to succeed. Similar to Peter, Mateo understands the importance of learning, which was brought to him through my faithfulness.

Moreover, stewardship was displayed as I tutored Mateo. Jesus showed stewardship throughout the Gospels. In Luke 23:32-43, Jesus asked God to forgive the people who crucified him for the better of mankind and treat everyone with respect. I showed stewardship throughout my tutoring experience by respecting and forgiving him when he made mistakes. I continue to respect Mateo.

Jesus demonstrated pursuit of excellence in the Gospels by reaching his full potential. He persevered through tough times and practiced. In Mark 16:15 NKJV “And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Throughout Jesus’ life he demonstrated to His disciples and the rest of the world that they would spread the word of God, and live to their greatest potential.

I became a tutor to demonstrate my kindness, to develop my leadership skills and to make a difference in someone’s life. Tutoring allowed me to live out the Gospel values and to demonstrate, just like Jesus, the importance of being a good person and helping others for nothing in return. 

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