Government Policies on Terrorism and Threat of Terrorism

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Government Policies

Terrorism can be distinguished from political violence because political institutions are not sufficiently capable of managing with socioeconomic disparities and other grievances (Lutz, 2010). Conversely, it is also held that in relatively egalitarian societies with stable, well-developed political institutions, political space in the authority structure of decision making (Sulowski, 2017). Political transformation implies acceptable political participation of the new social groups (Masilamani, 2014). Thus, political violence in the transitional societies is rooted in their failure to develop institutions responsive to the need for participation by the new groups whereas terrorism is a socio-political episode that is based on the dispute and expressed in the long confrontation between two or more parties which causes harm to random people (Masilamani, 2014). Saddam Hussain who was a dictator of Iraq also promoted terrorism and threatened other countries to use chemical weapons against them and he was becoming a threat for normal people so United States intervene this by executing Saddam Hussain and it was not questionable because it was for betterment of civilians (Masilamani, 2014).

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9/11 was one of the dreadful incident that world can never forget because US had to suffer from a great loss and after this government became more alert so they brought changes in their internal law, collaborated with other countries to fight with terrorism and established special agencies that especially deals with terrorism (Masilamani, 2014). Australia promotes more security at border and Airport so that none of the terrorist breaks into their country and they always promise to make it safest place for civilians (Australia terror probe: Does a surge in airport security help, 2017). Secretary general of UN represented Pan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism to the General Assembly as a resolution against terrorism and he also promoted systematic preventive steps to mention the conditions which drives people towards terrorism and joining violent extremist groups (Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism).


In my view point, threat of terrorism is hanging upon everyone all over the world but the governments have taken preventive measurements to keep their countries safe as they promote anti-terrorism. At borders it is always a concern of individuals with fake or no identity for the state. Nations unite together to take stand against terrorism even though there are few states who are on verge of becoming terrorizing threats and there are no strict international rules and regulations against those few minority groups who threaten security of other countries and while it is not a major cause of human torment it does have an effect beyond the immediate suffering it does cause due to its nasty and random nature and the targeting of symbolic buildings for political goals leading to fear in the populace. If the threats are left unchecked it threaten the survival of a particular term object in the near future. Importantly, it also implies political motivations, as a way of distinguishing terrorism from other forms of violence designed to terrify, such as the intimidation of communities by organised criminals seeking to obtain financial reward, the terror caused by a serial killer, or the fear caused by a one-off mass killing (Jackson, 2008). It has been seen in case of United States of America that as a government it can go lengths to protect its nation but some actions can be ruled out as unjustifiable actions as a state. However, usually non-state, small individual groups targeted for it.

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