Government Should Forbid Same-Sex Marriages

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Same-sex marriages: Why not?

Nowadays, people have different emotions and the love that comes from their heart is nothing wrong. In fact, the world has a third world – the world of homosexuals. Same-sex marriage has always been a problem with many opposing views of society today. Some sections recognize that the recognition of same-sex marriage represents not only a “natural” look for third-world people, but also a respect for fundamental human rights as a free will happy bridge. The problem is quite sensitive not only in Vietnam but also in Asian countries, but according to a survey in newspaper in 6/2013 with more than 3,000 readers showed that up to 80% of readers agree to work same-sex marriage, nearly 10% were vehemently opposed and the rest had no idea. This is not a small number that we must look back to support the issue of gay marriage from the natural perspective is the human right. With the harsh society of the past, when people are conditioned by the principles of behavior, and the way of thinking, the opposite of these principles is considered to be contrary to society or the sickness of society. At that time, these people have to live up to themselves, not dare to reveal themselves. To marry people who are against their sex just to not be socially boycott, stigma. And finally, their marriage is not happy, hurt those who love themselves but do not dare to say. This, contrary to the individual pursuit of happiness. Let’s suppose that if the same gays are acquaintances, friends or even relatives. He is in needs of your support, your support – the one who brings the least comfort to their “incompleteness” in the eyes of society. Then you know what to do? Hope you will support their marriage right away, not alienated, stigmatize them. Because society is always growing, we must have a new, more tolerant look with same-sex marriage.

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Firstly, from 2000 to 2005, the number of same-sex couples in the United States increased by more than 20 percent, according to the Williams Institute, “a think tank concerned with laws and public policy related to sexual orientation” So, with an increasing number of same-sex couples, same sex marriage should be legal. Marriage is about love and supporting one another. Some people feel comfortable being with the same sex. So why should their freedoms be limited? Some people think same-sex marriage is unnatural. While most religions consider homosexuality a sin, that does not mean states cannot legalize same-sex marriage or at least recognize it. Two homosexuals come together when they have mutual understanding and sympathy, and want to share everything in a more natural and comfortable way with the emotional similarity. When two people of the same gender understand each other, the relationships become tight and help each other in a non-shy way. Choreographer John Huy Tran (12/2017) has been officially engaged to his boyfriend in Canada after eight years of marriage, according to John Huy shared “boyfriend accept ADHD and love me for eight years”. Why, when they find a person who can understand and accept themselves, they are ready to be with them to overcome their difficulties and fight with their illnesses that they miss because they are the only ones same sex? Love is not the only sex that brings joy that same-sex can do it. Sometimes, they make the person feel happier and safer when they are together. Another argument says that if you legalize homosexuality, people will pull each other’s homosexuality and humanity will genocide. Along with this kind of funny argument, perhaps one should think about not letting anybody singles, because if everyone is single then genocide will happen. Give people the right, so that those who want to exercise the right will have the opportunity to use it, not force people to use their rights as a duty.

Secondly, some argue that same-sex marriage does not conform to the Vietnamese custom. As our country’s law currently prohibits marriage between same-sex couples, so many couples have to “staged” the script to be able to reach each other, according to the comedy story about the wedding between the two girls in Tra Vinh (16/6/2014), the “groom” had to … explain the boyfriend through the eyes of the bride, or whether gay couples had to “get married” while the local government puzzled does not know how to handle. Obviously, the prohibition has caused bad consequences for society. The fact is that despite the law does not allow many gay couples to live together, they lose many of the same rights as legally recognized couples. Even if they have a wedding, the marriage is still very loose because it has not been tied together officially, and certainly what gay people want is that they are openly married. Husband “, held in the hands of the marriage registration. Traditional customs also move and develop over time. There are many pre-customary law issues, such as monogamous marriage, or women’s equality. In the past, it was hard to imagine that men could be banned from getting married. Blacks are also considered second-class citizens for a long time, simply because people think black is inferior. Just as many countries have vehemently opposed the fact that women go to school, work, and vote or participate in politics. The cultural tradition is that women must stay in the kitchen, serve their husbands, and do not participate in men’s affairs, no feminist matters. But all these cultural traditions have been changing. Why? The simple answer is that people are more and freer, wanting more comprehensive happiness.

Many people believe that same-sex marriage does not guarantee the maintenance of race. First, allowing gay people to marry does not affect give birth to a baby of heterosexual couples. And if they do not allow them to marry, they do not take the opposite sex (except for reluctant, artificial, but reluctant, fake marriage). Second, the purpose of marriage is not just to give birth to a baby, for otherwise, the inferior, the unwanted, or the elderly must be forbidden to marry, as they do not produce the next generation. Here, more important than marriage is to create a happy environment for everyone to be able to develop their full potential. That is the most humane purpose of marriage.

Some suggest that if homosexuals’ people want to live together, just go to live as normal, where it is necessary to legalize. The fact is that although the law does not permit them to live together, they lose many of their rights, such as inheritance, common property rights, adoption, the right to receive relatives in emergencies, In particular, the right to social benefits, labor as heterosexual couples. Recognizing same-sex marriage will also make homosexuals relationships more cohesive and accountable. As long as the law does not yet recognize, they will still feel disturbed, worried and vulnerable to living together because they are not tied together formally.

Thirdly, is same-sex marriage a product of Western culture? According to Western material (in the form of art, literature, and legends) of the homosexual relationship was found in ancient Greece (2010) where social relationships were socially created should established over time from one city to another. In fact, homosexuals are born and live in every society in the world. They are of all ages, occupations, religions, ethnic backgrounds, living conditions. And whether or not they recognize, they still exist as natural. Homosexuality is not a product of the West. That is the reality of mankind. If more in-depth, oriental culture that is important, intriguing, was very open with the gay theme. The negativity that has been imported from the West, if any, is the homosexuality, in the late nineteenth century when colonial rule imposed on many Eastern nations. So what is what we need to select, what is the need to recover?

Equally important, the recognition of the law has profound spiritual implications, demonstrating that society respects the dignity of every human being and protects the legitimate interests of all citizens. That is justice. The same taxpayer must have equal rights. Marriage is not a privilege of any group, everyone has the right to marry as long as it is voluntary and does not affect the rights of others. The paradox is that when lovers are not recognized and protected by law.

In summary, it is necessary to legalize the coexistence of homosexuals, and to ensure their legitimate interests, rather than limiting them. Homosexuals are no strangers, but our descendants, relatives, neighbors, friends, colleagues. They work and contribute to society as anyone else, but they are subject to many disadvantages and prejudices. No matter who you are, you have the right to be yourself and to be with the person you love. In the view of many people, it is not normal for homosexual couples to pair up, but to recognize that everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness, and the rightful happiness, comes from sincere love. It would not be difficult to answer the question whether gay marriage is rational or not. Allowing homosexual couples to marry does not infringe upon the rights and interests of others, but only brings happiness and protection to homosexuals that are a normal, natural and natural and impossible part integral of society.

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