Government System: Three Branches of Government

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A government is considered a system of a group of people that is governing a country by creating rules and regulations. Any government will consist of a legislature, judiciary, and executive. Every government will have its own unique constitution, which will state the governing principles and philosophy in a country. Across the world, there are different forms of government, such as democratic, monarchy, dictatorship, and aristocracy types government (Ngasaratun, 2018). The government ensures economic growth and governance of a country towards the members of the public.

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The government will always act as a social welfare organization where it works for the benefit of the common people without any motive to maximize profit. Its main agenda is welfare maximization by ensuring equal distribution of national resources. For example, the government has to ensure the citizens receive high-quality education and medical services, which will make their life easy and comfortable. Besides, the government will also create quality infrastructure such as housing and roads as part of economic development (Perkins, 2019). Other basic needs that the government will provide are clean water, electricity, and security for the general public.

To ensure that the government provides the best services to the people, it has to come up with necessary taxation policies that will help in revenue generation in the market. Some of the taxes will include income taxes, VAT taxes, corporate taxes, excise taxes, and property taxes, among others. Thus, the government will ensure the equitable collection of revenue and distribution across the country (Seth, 2015). Finally, the government will control monopoly in vital sectors such as railway lines, gun manufacture, and power distribution, to avoid exploitation of the members of the public.

The government can measure the good that they provide through ensuring accountability in revenue distribution as well as accountability in revenue collection. Therefore, the level of economic growth and development is the best measure for the good provided to the citizens.

Technology helps the government in the provision of basic elements such as monitoring and ensuring full tax compliance through the created system. Hence, it will help to increase revenue generation through taxes in a country. Technology also helps to reduce corruption in government through the use of blockchain. In addition, technology helps in the automation process by ensuring that there is an elimination of increased paperwork in the government. shows a very innovative business strategy that is trying to make New York City better in the region. Some of the specific features that I find innovative to improving the functioning of the city are listing and classifying all the NYC resources such as benefits and supports, courts and law, culture and recreation, education, culture, and employment. Such a support system helps to make the life of the citizens comfortable and easy (How IT enables productivity growth. n.d.). The site has also provided NYC 311 which helps citizens to make a call to the government in an emergency. NYC 311 will also provide alternative parking, garbage collection, and recycling as a way to make New York City better. Finally, the connect section provides all the contact information such as social media and phone numbers, which helps members of the public to communicate easily with the site. However, one of the missing or poorly functioning processes within the site is the office of the major, which has not stated all the necessary tasks and responsibilities that the major will improve in the area. The management needs to equip the office with more duties that will be aimed at making the lives of citizens better. 

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