Grandmother as My Role Model and Idol in Life

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My Grandmother is My Role Model Essay

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“Grandma, do you want to be my role model for my school project?” “Why not, Ash you look up to me now” I had a choice of so many people to pick from, but I chose my grandmother. After my grandmother explained to her I can see through her life, weakness, as well as the qualities and characteristics that she inspires in me. She has inspired me to be everything I want to be now. She shows me a better way to look at life and how to get through it easily. She makes sure she shows me enough, but not too much so I can pursue on my own. I chose my grandmother Phyllis Newman to be my role model over anyone else because she inspires me the most.

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Phyllis Newman born in 1960 and had three children, my mother Desaray Newman (42 years old, the oldest), Charles Newman Jr (40 years old), and Nicholas (38 years old, the youngest). Phyllis graduated in 1978 and pursued her dreams of going to trade school to become a cosmetologist. She married my grandfather Charles Newman a year later. Phyllis was super talented at what she did, so, talented that she opened a shop with my grandfather. Half of it was the hairdresser shop, but it was connected to my grandfather’s flea market and car shop. This shop was open until, 2008 when my grandfather and my grandmother business slowed down. Both were struggling to pay rent on the building, so they shut it down. It took a huge toll on Phyllis and Charles, but that did stop them. Phyllis and Charles took the business to their house. It was not long until in 2012, Phyllis arthritis got bad in her hands that she had to give up her passion. She did not let that stop her; the same year she became a cook for the army soldiers on Fort Benning, and currently still works there. In 2013 Phyllis started to have complications in her marriage and got a divorce. Phyllis was shattered from this because she was married for 42 years. She put it into God’s hands and continued life peaceful. Today, she is still a cook, but she lives by herself in her one-bedroom apartment happily.

My grandmother is one of the strongest people I know, but everyone had their weakness but my grandmother has handled hers well. People tend to cover it up, but have to understand not accepting it tears them down on the inside. Phyllis decided to accept her weakness and show that she is growing from it. My grandmother’s weakness is recovering the fact she was married for 42 years, and she had to get a divorce. Recovering is a very hard thing for my grandmother but she is trying. She had to move on knowing her and Charles did everything together. Now, she has own things moving on with life and reality. Phyllis will reminisce on it at times, but she still smiles knowing God has her.

I chose my grandmother to be my role model because she possesses all of these qualities and characteristics on to me and reminds me to stay on my “P’s & Q’s”. My grandmother’s top character traits are: Generosity, patience, determination, spiritually, self-control, inspires other, creativity and commitment. I chose my grandmother to be my role model because her qualities and characteristics are everything I want to take in. My grandmother has always been a hard-working person and whatever task she gets she is determined to finish it. She is this calm person with this go get it mentally if she wants it. She rubbed off on me a lot because she is the one I look up to. She has inspired me to be this humble person and I will make it through anything if I just keep pushing. I chose my grandmother to be my role model because she gives me that spark of inspiration that has away been in her.

In conclusion, I chose my grandmother to be my role model because of all the good attributes she possesses. Through her life, weakness, qualities, and characteristic you can see why I chose a strong person to be my role model to inspire me. It takes courage to accept the fact of your weaknesses and grandmother has done this. My grandmother will forever be my role model because she is everything I want to build to be. Thank you, Phyllis Newman, for being a great role model in my life. Is your role model a true role model?

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