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“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Free tuition will not only provide great hope, but also, financial destiny and expectancy to the future for the welfare of the people. Too many graduates experience high amounts of debt because of the expense of education. The number of individuals taking the step to a better future is low because of the cost of a higher education. Juggling the cost of living and school prices has been a hectic state when trying to maintain a positive hope for the people’s fortune. The statistical information shows why government funding would be a supreme notion to allow nations to attend institutions for free. Despite the nation’s wealth, separate life expenses, and university capacity objections, College should be liberated by the government to attend, because education being free would eliminate high quantity of debt, allows the student to center his or her attention solely on academics, and also increase the rate of individuals who actually attend college.

Graduates will not have immoderate debt after completion of education program, those who graduate would be successful in their academics, and more students would be able to afford schooling. Completing school without owing any money indicates a prime welfare of free tuition. He or she would be able to maintain lifestyle for the future because he or she would be debt free. In addition, by the government remunerating university funds, individuals can gain a better learning experience because teaching would be his or hers main focal points. Students would be able to focus on studies without trying to scrape up currency. Therefore, free higher education should be granted by the compensation of government.

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In regards to those who would rise objections to education with no charge, their government income protestation, other necessities expenses opposite of school, and class over load views can be refuted. Some object to education being free because many believe such proposal will affect economy. However, he or she does not provide appropriate reasoning on how this state can affect free tuition. Furthermore, another complaint, but also refuted, expresses that individuals would still have to pay for day-today living costs outside of school. Although, many have paralleled the cost of living to the extravagant expense of schooling, high tuition has always been a factor of why the reasoning could be unaffordable. In addition to the previous objections that has been refuted, over capacity of universities has not been a screened factor to the topic. Still, higher education raises no valid protestations, and should be granted to the welfare of the people.

Although objections has been made and also disproves, top-level education should be free and paid for by the government. Advantages of college, being free to the people expressed no massive debt after graduating, but also a great plan for welfare. The convenience of being able to concentrate on academics, instead of currency was also essential to the condition of the free schooling. Last and foremost, the rate of individuals eager to attend institutions will grow. Those who opposed these profits constructed not one out of the three reasonable demonstrations to loss of wealth resources, cost of living, nor graduate school over-capacity. For this plan will not only provide well-being instead of evil, but also present a future and a hope.

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