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Great Depression in America: The Impact

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The “Great Depression” has been one of my most emotional subjects in history. I get amazed that not only did the stock market crash, but there was a huge drought and dust storm that affected everyone. It went to the point where many were convinced that “Armageddon” was coming. I do not consider myself very religious. I do not follow any religion organization right now but I have little doubt that if I had to endure through that time, I would have felt that the end of the world was coming, and even prayed and hoped because it would have been extremely difficult for me to find any other solution to make life better.

Looking at the pictures on the first video only made that belief stronger. I would look at the faces of those people, and I could definitely see that they did not have very much reason to smile. I could sense despair, discouragement and little hope. All they could simply do is try and survive as best they could. The pictures that really engrained in my mind the most was the mother surrounded by her children, and others where the woman was doing some duty to try and make life as “homely” as possible.

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In video 2, I could not help but look at the man, Edward Bernays as a somewhat evil man. He was very manipulative and was willing to do anything to make a profit. It was interesting that his product “lucky strikes” was targeted toward women but it did not sell well due to a greenish color. He would put it on the market by encouraging that color green as a fashion among women to make the package more marketable.

Video 3 went even deeper into Edward Bernays as a pioneer on how corporations work today. Clients are not people. Businesses are clients and people may as well be considered puppets in a puppet show and businesses are mockingly laughing and throwing money at the stage or in other words, the corporation! It is amazing how far advertisements are taken to play with our lives. Toward the end of the video, which was the same video we watched in class a couple days ago, the man summed it up well on how ads mess with our heads. Again it supports my interpretations that we are puppets held by a puppet master(the corporation) and advertisements are the strings holding us up. They play with our emotion and desire to achieve something by indirectly saying we are pathetic unless we buy that product, and then eventually another will lead on after that and it continues.

Personally, I feel like this is an almost unavoidable feat in our lives today. Too many of us, including myself, enjoy our TV’s and sports way too much and anything that is high in the public system is going to have advertisements. I cannot even go on a walk and not see an ad unless I am doing a walk in the middle of nowhere far from home. I think the best thing I could do is learn to be as less gullible as possible and luckily now a days, I have the ability to research a product before I buy it. Say this ad promises something golden. I know the company that made that ad is not going to put anything in the commercial that would degrade it in anyway. I can look on google through customer reviews and ingredients, details, etc. and see if it is really worth what it says on TV or on paper. That is one advantage today I think, is the ability to research before buying a product. There are a lot of us that do not want to take the time. I am sure. I am pretty OCD about what I buy though so I usually do. I am that kind of guy that when I go to the grocery store and see a product but one company is selling it for cheap, I will look at the nutrition facts label before throwing it in my cart.


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