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Great Expectations' And 'Master Of The American Word'

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There are reasons why stories become classics, and Great Expectation by Charles Dickens is undoubtedly a beloved classic with an exceptional plot and many rich themes. This classic is full of odd characters, irony, foreshadowing, and symbolism. ‘Great Expectation’ is a magnificent victorian novel, full of drama, twists, and turns. Great Expectations is a novel that keeps the reader interested and guessing through masterful use of foreshadowing. Dickens uses imagery to help with foreshadowing in the story. Importance Magwitch, the convict, as Pip’s benefactor, is foreshadowed by his presence at the beginning of the novel. It foreshadowed by the fact that Pip can never entirely forget this encounter during later experiences with other convicts. Dickens uses the weather as a means of foreshadowing as well.

Bad weather often signifies unfortunate or scary things to come. Finally, Dickens uses foreshadowing when he introduces the character of Miss Havisham. She is mysterious, and the details surrounding her are fantastic. The imagery of Miss Havisham’s garden is an example of symbolism in the novel. Miss Havisham’s wedding dress becomes an ironic symbol of death and degeneration. The wedding dress and the wedding feast symbolize Miss Havisham’s past, and the stopped clocks throughout the house symbolize her determined attempt to freeze time by refusing to change anything from the way it was when she was rejected on her wedding day. Similarly, the imagery of bugs inside Miss Havisham’s house also helps the reader form an overall impression of decomposition and rot around the older woman. Spiders and beetles scurry around the gloomy old house and also symbolize that mean upper class. High Expectations mostly applies to the use of situational irony.

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For example, Estella, the ultimate snob, turns out to be the daughter of a gypsy and a convict. Alternatively, take Matthew Pocket, a helpless father who has no time for his kids, but writes advice books on parenting. Moreover, the mysterious red-haired boy whom Pip, the hero, brawls with – he turns out to be Pip’s greatest friend. In the book, reader, wholeheartedly believes that Miss Havisham is the source of his fortune. When we learn that Magwitch is Pip’s benefactor, the irony of the situation becomes clear. (Sorry, Pip! The mystery patron is not that rich old lady, but It’s that common criminal who scared the daylights out of you as a kid). Pip spends much time clambering to get ahead and rise the social ladder while leaving his common roots behind. Ironically, the longer he lives like a gentleman, the less happy he is, and his plans on Estella go nowhere.


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