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Great Plans Going Awry: The Cove House, to a Mouse, Of Mice and Men

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Goals and dreams are what drives a man and even a mouse to go forward on a journey, risking everything and anything all in an attempt to conquest their dream. Mice have a rather simple goal to simply survive and go forward, making sure that the next generation has its share. Humans on the other hand aspire to do numerous things in life, which might include becoming rich or having children, all of which can lead to some very terrifying actions. But yet both the mice and the men try and try, but yet only a selected few get to watch their dreams come true. Despite some people being able to achieve their dreams, most of these dreams never get to come due to outside forces you can’t control, the lack of a strong character and drive, and trying to get others in on a dream.

Ambitions are much so achievable, but one single outside issue could lead to a massive tsunami tumbling upon everything that had been achieved before. People can go from rags to riches, but they can also go from riches to rags. In Richard Broome’s “The Cove House” he illustrates a large house that many people probably worked for, then just a massive tsunami that’s about to come in and destroy everything. This shows how people can work their entire lives to get their own estate, but the outside forces of nature can just come and by and take everything, and nobody can do absolutely nothing about it. Humans aren’t the only ones who have to endure outside forces, imagine all of the animals that humans themselves have ruined. In Robert Burns “To a Mouse” lines 19-24 he states that “your small house ruined, nothing of it now, December’s piercing winds coming both bitter and piercing.” In this, Burns shows how a mouse who had made his home can have everything ruined by a human coming by and ploughing it down leaving the mouse there to survive the brutal cold of December. With this, both animals and humans can have all of their dreams and aspirations taken away from them from an uncontrollable force whether it be nature or a plough.

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Strong character is what stops a person from making drugs, it’s what makes someone successful, and it’s what makes someone stand out in front of everyone. With a strong character anything can be achieved, because it won’t lead to any harmful things all it will lead up to is a passion to go on and makes dreams come true. Without character, no one can go on and achieve their goals, it will just remain a figure of imagination, with no chance of it turning into a reality. “They come an’ they quit an’ go one, an’ everyone has a piece of land in his head, but no one ever gets it” (Steinbeck 72). This shows how farm workers who want their own land one day can never put everything in and achieve it, everyone goes to downtown and eventually realizes that they can’t get their land so they quit and try again. These workers show poor character due to them not being able to a decision in their mind that this is what I’m going to do right this second, instead they think that it’s just going to come to them eventually. People aren’t determined enough to make their own future, they want to look back at their past and not fix it, not having the character to step up and control their future. “I backward cast my eye, on prospects dreary, and forward though I cannot see, I guess and fear.” (Burns 44-47). Based upon this, it can be inferred that this man consistently looks at his past and he is too afraid of his future. This shows how poor his character is, because he doesn’t have the will to take control of his future, instead he guesses what might come next, leading him up to many unaccomplished dreams, simply because he didn’t have the character to change his life.

Bonds and friends can help people achieve great things, but at the same time they can push you back from what you are trying to complete. Being with someone for such a long time may seem like a good idea, but once you start to combine your dreams, trouble will start to brew. The relationship of man and nature is a prime example of this, in Richard Broome’s “The Cove House” man put some sort of trust in nature by making a house with nature allowing it to be on the beach for an even better aesthetic, but then nature came striking back with an enormous tsunami, thus ending the man’s house due to nature wanting to be on its own. Humans also share trust within themselves, thinking that with more than one person, anything is achievable, because it makes things twice as easy. Everybody has their flaws, and trusting someone to keep those flaws away is what ruins an ambition for both sides. “I think I knew from the very first that we’d never do her. He like it so much I got thinking maybe we would.” (Steinbeck 92). Based upon this it can be determined that a man knew that he wasn’t able to achieve a goal with a certain person, but he put his trust in him that they could do it, but in the end nothing ever came out of it because a mistake made by one person can cause an abundance of problems for others.

Ambitions and aspirations are great things, but achieving these things is more easily said than done. Anything can take you away from your dream, whether it be Mother Nature, not having the will to be successful, or someone not doing their part. Goals can be achieved with a certain mindset and will, but there is always large risks at hand that can lead to a loss in everything. Neither animals nor humans can achieve one hundred percent of their dreams, both have a vast amount of things coming at them. This is why as Robert Burns said on lines 38-39 in his poem “To a Mouse” “The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry.”


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