Greed: the Necessary Evil that Plagues Your Family

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What is greed and how to break it? Greed is called an unnecessary collection. Greed is that man needs a handful of things to live. He needs a handful of things. Makes a handful. How small is the stomach of a man? How big is buffalo's stomach? How big is donkey's belly? How big is the horse's stomach? But how small is the stomach of a man? Is a bit A little four handful grains should be enough for that. But have you not seen greed of man, how greedy he is, how much collection, how luxurious. How much to accumulate, to accumulate round clock, dies, spills and splashes.

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There are many addicts in the world whose people become lust. Alcoholics get intoxicated and ask for alcohol again and again. In the same way, greed is a wine. What is man's need and how much? Nothing. In vain, to raise his ego, to keep his children and his family devastated and ruined, to create discord and to create misunderstandings. All of life is spent on this. You have to give up spending on this greed. You have to leave this greed.

What do you have to do for this? What would you do? You have to accept the principles of simple living and high thought. High thoughts can only come to the man who leads a simple life. Plain life does not mean that, but it means greed and greed. If you remove greed and greed from your mind and think of subsistence, then you can fill your stomach with great fun after working hard for a few hours. It is a matter of family, so it is a matter of family, which is called 'affection'. extended scope of greed, which extends to family, is called 'affection' and that which is limited to itself, is limited to wealth, its name is 'Greed' and name that spreads to family. Is fascinated.

If you have responsibilities towards your family, I do not say that you are not responsible. The responsibility lies with everyone. Your responsibility is also towards your body, also towards the brain. You also have a responsibility towards life. You also have a responsibility to God. You have many responsibilities. You should fulfill all these responsibilities with cooperation. It also includes your family. The joining of kin does not mean who is like what? Do you fulfill all their greed? Do not fulfill the greed of family. You refuse to accept the unnecessary needs of the family and unnecessary demands. So what will you do? Not even if they ask, and even if they ask. Give what you need. 

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