Green Practices of Public and Private Schools

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Green information technology (IT) as defined by (Murugesan, 2008) is the study and practices of organization that deals with creating designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing computer peripherals, networking and communications systems efficiently and effectively with minimal or has no negative impact on the environment. With the advancement of today’s technology, it cannot deny the fact that it can definitely give a brighter efficiency of production and can even use to make a quick decisions that are necessary to meet the demand of clients. However, with this advancement it also continued to evolve with wrong practices. In fact, (Askarzai, 2011) has given emphasize that the ICT waste is one among the alarming problems of the environment. Meeting the end-of-life for electronic gadgets could also be a mean of ICT waste.

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With the increasing energy demands of IT today, it also needs a solution that will address the problems caused by IT through knowing its social responsibility. As stated in the report from (Green IT, 2014) that computer can generate of at least 2% of global emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Beside, it also do release a hazardous substances to the body and the evironment like mercury, lead, heavy metals and the likes. To make IT more sustainable, activities that deals with IT should be ecologically sound, socially just, economically viable and humane, for it to becomes more usefull in the future. One solution to address the gap between the use of IT, environment and the users is through sustainability. Though according to (Khor, Thurasamy, & Ahmad, 2015) that green IT and IT for green are still in its infancy stage among the developing countries, there is in need to support this advocacy of sustainability.

Moreover, as added by (Harmon & Auseklis, 2009) sustainable IT services requires the integration of green computing practices that includes power management, virtualization, improving coding technology, recycling, electronic waste disposal, and the optimization of the IT infrastructure. In the case of public and private schools in San Jose Occidental Mindoro, with its growing population of students who are choosing the strand of IT, shows also the needs of bulk devices to sustain the needs of their skills and therefore sustaining the use of IT requires an attention for it not to harm both the user and the environment. With this, the researcher came up for a proposal entitled “The Green Practices of Public and Private Schools in Sustaining the Green IT in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. Results of this study, would be a mean of help for the schools who will be allowing for the conduct of this study to do the initiatives by creating awareness among public and private sectors who are engaged with technology to change their process to be able to meet the evironmental demands of the society.

This study aims to assess the practices of public and private schools in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro in Sustaining the Green IT.

The concept of sustainability according to (Giovannoni & Fabiettie, 2014) is complex and was arrived with different discourses. The review of concepts and applications was done by (Giovannoni & Fabiettie, 2014) showing that sustainability comes from different flavors of governance, business models and performance management, measurement and reporting systems through integrated approaches, in order to highlight the opportunities that these approaches offer for incorporating the different dimensions of sustainability and for understanding their management process. (Eli, 2015) Enumerated the five underlying principles of sustainability like resources should not be a non-declining as is permitted by physical laws, adopt an accounting system to be fully aligned with the planet’s ecological processes, ensure that essential diversity of all forms in life in the biosphere is maintained, maximize the degrees of freedom for self-realization, and embodies the recognition in a universal ethics for guiding human actions.

The Green as a new color in computer technology was recognized in the study of (Maan & Dhillon, 2013) that deals with the color of the environment and giving emphasize for saving the environment so as saving one’s life. Though according to (Maan & Dhillon, 2013) that green growth in some developing countries could have a diverse effect on political positions, a form part of enthusiastic to cautious, reflections of lack of clarity and experience, and providing different opportunities from different countries, could still be maintained in balance through knowing the result of its sustainability. The challenge of going green as stipulated by (Clarke, et al., 2017) that a business and the environment should be both winner in the reconciliation of the business and the environmental and economic concerns.

In the perspective view point of (Walker, 2015) the real challenge of green IT deals with misaligned incentives, competing priorities and lack of expertise. However, according to (Paliwal & Kumar, 2017) that the green IT is a genuine effort that would start with the computer scientist firms towards the sustained environment. Different views of (Hilty & Lohmann, 2011) stated that the approach towards green IT through its consumptions and its role is too narrow that lead the authors to investigate the broader perspective of the utilization of ICT to make lives more sustainable through knowing what is embedded in economic, social and ecological systems like markets, material resources, life cycles of products, systematic effects, as well as the uncontrolled complexity of emerging ICT infrastructures.

With this environmental concerns, which are also becoming one of the priority of any business firms, IT executive, and even the academe, there should be a proper adoption environmental responsible approaches to the process, operation of IT, and its deployment.

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