Mental Illness and Gun Control

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Mental Illness And Gun Control

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Ineffectiveness of Gun Control Laws in Mass Shootings
  • Black Market: Circumventing Gun Control
  • Gun Control Laws for Mental Illness
  • Conclusion


Gun control is not a problem in society. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. In Florida, you can buy a gun if you are 21 years old. Some people can buy guns even with certain criminal charges. Some state allows people to carry concealed weapons without a gun license. Florida, Illinois, New York, South Carolina California outlaw the opening carrying of handguns, but Florida is one of the states where you are not required to provide a reason for buying a weapon. No states give a person a mental test, so mental illnesses could become a risk factor for gun violence in the United States. Even with the laws in place people somehow still find a way to gain access to a weapon.

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Ineffectiveness of Gun Control Laws in Mass Shootings

Having a weapon is fine as long as it is used for protection for someone who may have intentions of harming them. There have been several mass shootings such as Sandy Hooks, Stoneman Douglas High School, and Orlando Night Club Shooting. There were gun laws in place when these shootings happened. That did not stop the gunman from killing people. The gunman had the intent to hurt or kill other people even with laws in place and the consequences for their actions. It is for this cause that controlling weapons will not be a high-quality mechanism because criminals do now not operate on the legal guidelines Instead the main reasons that lead to them performing heinous acts such as mass shootings lies solely in issues such as their psychotic behavior.

Black Market: Circumventing Gun Control

Since guns laws have been implementing the government has failed to control and regulate the selling of firearms to criminals, there is a want of looking for alternative views that have led towards this crisis. Guns can be brought on the black market without any type of trace. As a result, criminals can gain access to assault rifles and handguns as long as they have the money to spend for them. Anyone who has a criminal history and not able to buy on in the store can just buy off the streets.

Rather than being caught with no form of security, criminals believe by having a gun to protect themselves would help them from unwanted harm (Cooper 103). The crime rate has increased over the last couple of years. As well as the number of guns on the street. Having stricter gun laws does not protect citizens. It makes criminals and gang members happy because citizens would have a greater chance of getting attacked and not been able to defend themselves from criminals to harm them.

Gun Control Laws for Mental Illness

Restricting and regulating guns' public use to decrease mass shootings only affects the citizens who observe the law. Gangs and criminals will not uphold this rather if there is a ban or law on gun usage. The regulations and laws that are placed for gun laws have in no way controlling the selling of illegal guns to people who intend to harm other people. The main challenge in keeping individuals who have mental illness away from guns is protecting individual’s self-respect and confidentiality. Roughly 3 million Americans with mental illness meet the criteria for an individual who should not be allowed to own a firearm.


When it comes to gun control, laws, and regulation it very difficult to come with a gun control strategy that would be effective now and days. Besides gun laws, other laws are in place. If no one once abides by the law, it is nothing to stop them especially if they have a mental illness. Gun laws were put in place to protect and serve society. As I said before, it’s not the guns that kill people. People kill people using guns as a form of weapon to harm that individual.

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