Issue of Gun Control in the USA: Wheather People Are for Or Against It, the Goal is to Maintain Safe Environment

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Table of Contents

  • USA is a Safe Place
  • Arms Legalization Disputes
  • Protect Yourself

USA is a Safe Place

Gun violence as well as gun control has been a prevalent topic in the past couple decades. The importance of this issue is that not all Americans are validatory of strict regulation is the solution to the violence problem in the US. it's necessary to look at the problems and theories that have impacted this issue through the writings and reports of gun deaths and the regulation of guns already. In the US. People should have the right to bear arms and the congress should not be able to restrict that as seen in mass shootings/suicides, background checks, and legislation.Gun laws have been a hot topic for many years. People tend listen to gun control laws once a president is running for election or on the occasion of a tragic event has occurred along the lines of a mass college shooting or a policeman being shot. Once these events occur, the general public are frightened and either want to buy additional guns for defense or need to forestall people from being armed in the slightest degree. Either way, the individuals of the us all have identical goal, which is to form America a safer place for everybody.

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Arms Legalization Disputes

Are there advantages of getting strict regulating laws? Yes, to a certain degree. Some laws are beneficial, but many have the ability to hurt law abiding citizens. A number of states have passed laws for members of the family troubled regarding somebody researching a psychological state crisis that offers them the power to report that to native police and probably take someone's firearms away quickly. These are referred to as Red Flag Laws. Almost a third of the new laws have hurt people who have done nothing wrong. This law about whether people should be able to be considered guilty until proven innocent has had people up in arms. Many believe that no person should be able to take away the right to bear arms unless they take it away from themselves (i.e. committing a crime). Many people think about it in a different way and wonder, if everybody owned and carried a gun, would public shootings be less common? If nobody lawfully owned a gun, would less violent crimes be committed? Or would guns be move to the prohibited black market? To answer these questions people, need to look at what is already in place. New York has one of the biggest gun crime issues, but they have very strict gun laws. Great Britain was one example of how banning guns does not in turn create less crime and deaths. In 1997 Great Britain put a ban on guns, but yet in 2003 their handgun deaths almost doubled and nearly 4 people fall a victim of crime every minute. Certain state laws flat out prohibit gun possession and get rights for individuals with psychopathy. Some state legislators counsel that this live is truly the smallest amount taxing to gun rights due to the fact that it creates stricter laws while not ever-changing general gun laws as they apply to the general public. Several states have additionally put in laws with regard to violence, even within the states wherever you wouldn't expect regulating to pass.

Louisiana, as an example, is among the states that have passed laws to forestall individuals condemned of domestic abuse from carrying a hid weapon. But laws itself are not the only problem America faces with this gun problem. Gun sales are important in America and need to be changed, but not altered completely. Under federal law background checks on dealer sales are mandatory and are reviewed under the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System. One flaw in the system is that if a sale is not looked at in 3 days then the sale automatically goes through. Controversy often sparks over the categories of individuals, like condemned felons, individuals with severe or violent psychopathy, and folks on the federal no-fly list and whether they should have this constitutional right taken. The federal and also the state are presently troubled to seek out the balance between public safety and violation of private rights. In response to public demand, various states have adopted a categorical approach to gun possession. Countless voters believe that every one of the gun problems in America are supported psychopathy. whereas it's going to be true that bound disorders counsel individuals are additional at risk of violence or aggression, many folks who are suffering from mental disorders don't seem to be dangerous. Studies have truly advised that individuals with medicine disabilities are way more probably to be victims than perpetrators of violent crimes.

Protect Yourself

Mass shootings and suicides are always a tragedy and no progun person is for either but restricting guns will not make the tragedies stop. Instead of looking at the gun deaths from mass shootings, people should look at the overall deaths. Mass shootings average about 85 deaths, but yet mass shootings are always mentioned when talking about gun control Suicides make up the majority of gun deaths a year. Gun deaths are bond to occur when guns are circulated, but the benefits have to outweigh the costs. Self-defense gun uses saves about 300,000 lives a year. Countless lives have been saved due to the fact of guns. It takes the police too much time sometimes to save a person's life. This image shows the amount of time the police take vs a person using a gun. For a person to make a judgement on guns they must see both sides. The purpose to own a gun is not to kill, but rather to hunt, stay protected, and feel safe. Virginia has some of the strictest gun laws, but the Virginia tech shooting was one of the deadliest. People find ways around the system. Countless drugs are illegal around the US, but thousands if not millions of people find ways to make, use, and sell them. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. All in all, when picking whether guns should be legal or illegal it is easy to see that guns have many more benefits then not having guns. People should not have their guns taken away due to the fact that minority of gun deaths that are tragedies. The majority of gun owners live in rural places rather than big cities. The majority use then for legal and safe uses. The United States should not be able to take that from the citizens of America. The point of the government is to allow the people to have Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness not to control the law-abiding citizens by taking what is rightfully theirs.

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