Gun Control in America

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A mass shooting occurs. The country cries while politicians send their thoughts and prayers. The gun control debate sparks once again. Repeat. The cycle goes on as more people are harmed or killed. Too many innocent lives have been taken at the hands of a person with a gun, and for this reason there needs to be a change in making stricter gun control laws to help protect the lives of the American people. In order to do so, gun control laws should improve the gun-obtaining process and limit the number and type of guns owned while still protecting supporters of the Second Amendment. For decades, the debate on stricter gun control has become a widely talked-about topic.

Multiple proposals to strengthen gun control include improving the process of obtaining a gun. It starts with increasing the legal age to purchase a gun. Allowing a young adult to buy a gun at 18 years of age is nonsense when they have to wait until 21 years to drink alcoholic beverages. At a young age while the brain is still developing, trusting a person with a gun as risky as they may make rash decisions resulting in harm. The process of buying a gun should also include lengthening the waiting period to refine the quality of background checks. Although expanding background checks may be an invasion of privacy, an exception can be made when it comes to giving somebody a lethal weapon.

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With more criteria to sort out who can get a gun, the gun-obtaining process can be improved to let responsible hands bear arms. In addition to the gun-obtaining process, the right to bear arms should be limited in terms of what type of guns can be owned and how many. The AR-15 has made various reoccurrences at America’s mass shootings- the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the Pulse nightclub, a concert in Las Vegas, a church in Texas, and many more places. The NRA, or National Rifle Association, has even compared it to the M-16, a military weapon. Unless the U.S. government turns against its own people or America turns into a war zone, there is no need for a military-style weapon to roam in the hands of the everyday American. Nonetheless, a handgun for protection is better than no gun. As there should be limits to the type of guns sold, there should also be limits to the amount owned. Two guns-for example, a handgun for protection and a rifle for hunting- is a reasonable amount of guns to own.

However, owning too many guns is unnecessary unless, for example, a businessman shipping valuables were to supply his guards with weapons. Unless the person seeking to buy multiple guns has a legitimate reason to own them, there should be restrictions as to how many guns a person can own. When a supporter of the Second Amendment hears “gun control”, they usually think it means taking away all guns from American citizens. While a world without guns and violence is highly fantasized, the people currently live in a world where it is necessary to defend themselves from harm.

Therefore, the Second Amendment comes into play and grants American civilians the right to bear arms. It is understandable to want to have a gun to protect oneself from an intruder or attacker- whatever helps to keep them asleep at night. However, defending oneself with military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines is just too much. In fact, those military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines have the capability of falling into the wrong hands if not stored correctly (it can happen with any weapon, for that matter). It can result in an accidental death if used by a curious child, a suicide if used by a person with mental health issues, or a deliberate murder. If used and maintained responsibly, there is good reason to withhold the Second Amendment, except with restrictions. As the debate treads on, one can only remember the importance of keeping Americans safe and out of a gun’s way. While stricter gun control can’t prevent all gun-related deaths, it can take measures to better protect the lives and liberties of the American citizens.


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