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Halloween - the Most Exciting Event

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Halloween is always been the most exciting event in which people pull together some of the most vague ideas to lift up the event with fun and fascination. Wearing costumes of different style is usually belongs to the traditional events like Christmas. But the costumes picked for a Halloween party has something more customized, it is customarily based on the terrifying ghostlike looks that make everyone unique from one another. Youngsters and adults both tend to have a Halloween look nowadays.

Halloween has so much fun and things to do. Excitedly, the trendy parties include scary dresses, scary themes and custom designed meals as well. The preparations of Halloween party is interesting and when it comes to a Halloween costume people usually watch movies, search out the outfits of their favorite celebrity and sometime go for a customized attire. But, if you have short time and you are willing to have a distinctive party appearance then there is no better choice than the striking outfits of Harley Quinn she worn in the superhero film Suicide Squad.

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The Australian Actress Margot Robbie performs the role of Harley Quinn as a super villain and the psychiatrist. She appears in a most funky style that would be a perfect Halloween look if you really want to look somehow chic and funky as well. She encrusted a monster look having temporary tattoos at her body, funky two shaded color pink and blue on hair, no pinks no other classical lip shades she is having blood red lips. As enchantress her skin is having a texture that lays between somehow reptile scaly skin and wood, her skin having different foundations and layer of clays. Her look get completes with a signature red and blue jacket and inner t-shirt in red and white color having a front text of Daddy’s Lil Monster. She is holding a funny weapon that is the graffiti baseball bat which would be a compelling addition in your Halloween look like Harley Quinn!

Hold on!! The party look not ends here the classy notable jacket is left! Her signature red and blue satin jacket is the only conclusion of her emblematic appearance. The jacket is a fantastic chic apparel that is featuring stand up style collar, front with zippered fastening, full length sleeves having rib knitted cuffs and of course the funky and the only attraction the blue and red hues. So give yourself a perfect Halloween party look and scrap out your worries. The Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Jacket is an impeccable pick!


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