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Hamilton's Federalist Versus Jefferson's Anti-federalist Approach

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Ham: Hamilton believed that a solid union would be the greatest to peace, and liberty to the states. Jeff: Jefferson believed that if the whole country was ran by one government or union, it will cause a large scale of corruption to the country. Ham: Hamilton was very influenced by George Washington. He believes that if he repeats and picks up after Washington’s legacy, it would help influence the future shape of America. Hamilton also believes that standing armies are too dangerous for liberty because he wouldn’t feel free within society oppressive restrictions imposed by authorities. Hamilton bassically goes on to say that Jefferson lives in a world of his own imagination and scolds him because of his perspectives and viewpoints.

Jeff: Jefferson believed that having an army is a necessity. Jefferson is also a christian man unlike Hamilton, Jefferson believed that people should follow a system of beliefs and shouldn’t break the bonds in the system constructed. He also admired George Washington and knew that he was great when he was angry. Jefferson believed that Hamilton favored British alliances.

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  1. Powers granted under constitution
  2. Seperation of power into 3 equal branches
  3. Checks and balances


  1. The Constitution granted too much power to the federal courts at the expense of state and local court.
  2. Wanted guaranteed protection for certain basic liberties such as freedom of speech and trial by jury.
  3. Federal government would be too far removed to represent the average citizen.

A sanctuary city is a place that has decided to keep local resources to solve local problems. Ham: I would say that Hamilton would be okay with sanctuary cities. He’s somebody who believes in a strong federal government and when it comes to a situation where you’d deal with sanctuary cities, he wouldn’t want to limit their cooperation with the national government’s to divide the nation. Jeff: I would say that Jefferson would not be in favor of sanctuary cities because he believes in strong state governments. Governors in many cities may have their own laws on this issue. He wants the states to control their own policies. Some states may have rules against immigration.

My opinion on this issue is that if an illegal immigrant sees a crime, they will not contact authorities because they’re in fear of being deported. For instance, someone’s sibling may be in danger but the immigrant has an option to help, but must turn away because of the consequences but In a sanctuary city, the immigrant may call the police and not have to worry about being deported or taken away.


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