Harassment - an Attempt of Destruction on My Self-esteem

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What is harassment?

Harassment is a form of discrimination. It involves any unwanted physical or verbal behavior that offends or humiliates you.

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It’s seen in both man and woman there’s no gender descrimination except of the fact that some incidents are reported while many are tolerated silently.

Harassment can be of various types:

  • ocial media harassment
  • physical harassment
  • emotional harassment
  • Racial harassment

All these types come from a number of sources, usually, of domestic nature.

Let’s begin with the burning rod of these days, social media harassment – as the social media is spreading itself and there are unlimited sites offering open interaction b/w the strangers from all around the world, we normally hear every other day that some social net working site is being launched and with this news there’s another news commonly heard and that is of cyber crime, though many laws are formulated in this regard but our masses are still unaware, social media is being used for good and bad both purposes, for instance, if you are using it to spread your business, to interact with your family and friends or to do something for the society then it’s good but fraud, spreading negativity and doing things harmful for our fellow species is something unforgivable. Among the users we have majority of teenagers who are not aware of the facts and not willing to give ear to parents, teachers or elder ones.

At that phase of our life we need support very much despite the fact of not wanting it we “NEED” it. Usually teens complain of being misjudged and this results in a big gap b/w them and their well-wishers causing them to get involved in many crimes, for instance, blackmailing, getting into relationships online, doing fraud with many people and proving themselves more cool than their other friends or rivals and in doing so they often loose control over their emotions and thoughts which creates serious problems for their families and themselves.

Then comes physical harassment – this is common at workplace, home (yes home!) , streets or any other possible place, one of my mates once told me an incident that her friend was very close to her maternal uncle who was hardly 8 years older than her and so she comfortably sits with him even alone as he was his mother’s brother, one day he attempted rape on his niece, and this attempt was done twice more until the girl’s mother intervened and asked him to leave her daughter alone.

Teachers usually harass their students by making them get forcefully physical for the sake of good grades, our Friends harass us by taking advantage and trust me this is the only thing which has no discriminating boundaries because the Butchers do not bother thinking about the relationship with the victim nor their social respect.

Boys are facing it not only girls and it can come from your own husband as well. Then there’s emotional harassment – one most less talked type and this is being done to every other person, husband does this to wife, siblings do it, friends and relatives everyone is doing this to the weak ones in their surrounding. Not allowing a woman to pursue her career and achieve her goals , not giving good environment and peaceful surrounding to your children, creating negative impression on your children, arguing with your spouse over meager things etc are listed under this kind.

Racial discrimination is yet not eradicated but people are being aware of the equality and justice for them and the other races though we still have to hear people prioritizing their castes or colors over other ones. These were the issues but what about the solutions?

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