Hard Work - the Key to a Successful Career


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Hard-work is the key to a successful career in any discipline. It is a well-known fact that hardworking people tends to spend their time more productively but the rash conclusion the author has proclaimed in the above passage is nothing but unwarranted and over-ambitious mention fails to present any conclusive evidence other than the survey.

First of all attention needs to be paid to the actual scope of the survey. A generalized theory cannot be presented on the basis of mere survey of a 300 people. The fact that the male and female executive experience may not be representative of the whole scenario. There might be variety of reason behind such result, procured from the survey. May be the questionnaire failed to ask the tangible questions. There is also possibility that it asked about their working period and extrapolated all the other necessary data.

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Moreover, the passage clearly lacks in coherence in analogy. It mentioned the number of surveyed executive but blatantly avoided any mention of the number of the firms. The case can be such that, the executives were from belonged to only 2 firm. One rather successful and in contrast the is not. This also indicates that there is a possibility that every executive from the same firm get the same amount of sleep since they have to maintain the same official working hour. But to forward a general statement based on such survey is downright idiocy. So, without further clarification on the survey pool any inference is not conclusive. Also, there is also possibility that executives those were questioned didn’t have an important role to play and out of habit they slept for 6 hours per night while the persons handling the dimension changing roles are used to pull all-nighter on a day to day basis.

Success of a firm doesn’t depend on an executive alone. It depends on variety of factor like type of the farm, scope and scale of the firm and many other regulating factors that plays important role to control the success or a failure of a firm. But it is very presumptuous to just relate the success of a firm with the hours of sleep the executive get on average. Maybe the executives are forced to leave the workplace at midnight and attend office the next day at dawn. This practice would most certainly ensure that the firms get maximum work hours from it’s executives. One or more successful firm can pull off such a fiat because they have the monetary support to compensate the executives but not all firms have that kind financial backing to slave away its executives in such manner.

Again, if we try to look at the hidden meaning of the significance of six hours sleep we will be able to realize that what the author is implying is, the executives who gets less sleep gets more work done. But this also comes with a pinch of salt. The less hours in sleeping is not necessarily means they all spend rest of their time working. Different people have different life style choices. a firm full of executive with lazy and drowsy attitude who just get only 6 hours a day to sleep might not be as efficient as a group of executive who come to work everyday after a good 8 hours of sleep. So, there such factors which the author hasn’t addressed on any account and hurriedly jumped into his conclusion. Less time to sleep might enable a person to work for more hours. But the conclusion the author has derived just based on a inconclusive survey is not sufficient to corroborate the author’s view.

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