Harmful Effects of Smoking on Health and Well-Being

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Tar is a dark brown or black liquid made of hydrocarbons and free carbon. It is one of many deadly chemicals found in cigarettes. Its effects can be very devastating. It coats your lungs and can give you lung and throat cancer. It also causes the brown–yellow stains on smokers’ fingers and teeth. A huge effect is also losing your sense of smell. It is a result of nerve damage and it could stay permanent if you do not stop smoking. Smokers are twice likely to lose sense of smell than non-smokers. The Carbon monoxide in cigarettes can lead to a heart attack or stroke. It decreases the amount of oxygen available to your body which means that the heart must work a lot harder. After a while airways narrow and blood pressure rises which causes these two life threatening effects. Another effect of smoking is coughing. It develops from long term smokers and is present from over three weeks. Also overtime it can produce phlegm which is a huge sign of lung cancer. Smoking also increases the change of people getting brain damage. Smoking makes the blood thick and sticky which is more likely to cause blood clots that can block blood flow to your brain. These chemicals and components are all found in cigarettes:

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  • Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen and is used for household cleaning agent.
  • Acetone is a colorless flammable liquid used for nail polish remover.
  • Naphthalene is an organic compound and is used to produce mothballs.
  • Methanol is a simple form of alcohol and is used to produce rocket fuel.

A social effect of smoking is finding it more difficult to create friends as people can be put off a person if they found out that they smoke, reasons being their smell, appearance and hygiene. Another social effect could be people not wanting to meet you at your house or go out with you as people dread the smell of smoke. No want wants to breathe in the awful smell.

An economic effect of smoking is that if you have love ones around you will spend less money on them as you have to spend lots of money on cigarettes. Cigarettes are very expensive and people could struggle financially if they keep on purchasing them. Another economic effect is if you wish to quit smoking you will need to spend money on programs and special items which can help influence you to stop smoking.

An environmental effect of smoking is that leaving and dropping cigarettes after use is pollution to the environment. It also has the possibility to start a bush fire of flame. Another environmental impact is that smoking releases carbon dioxide into our atmosphere which is a contributing factor to climate change.

Cold Turkey is a strategy often used for many smokers who are trying to quit smoking. It is an abrupt and sudden cessation of taking a drug to which someone is addicted to. It is quite a difficult solution as many crave nicotine very much but is the easiest and most obvious strategy to use. It takes a very resilient, strong and motivated person to trial cold turkey in order to benefit their lives.

Another great strategy is Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). It replaces smoking with its addictive chemical Nicotine. Overtime depending on how the nicotine is consumed the nicotine in the product is slowly decreased. Eventually they will be left with no nicotine and will not feel in the need to crave anything.

The last strategy on how to quit smoking is to get support. There are all sorts of website companies to get help with your motivation, structure and even confidence. They help you mentally and help guide you through a difficult time when trying to quit smoking.

Nicotine Patches, Nicotine Gum and Nicotine Lozenges are all used to help quit smoking. They are all great tools which give smokers the addictive chemical (Nicotine) but through different and smaller doses. They helps smokers quit as they crave this chemical and by taking these products they can focus about their day. The purpose of the products are to start off with their usual consumable of Nicotine and then slowly reduce the nicotine day by day to be eventually left with no nicotine craving. Research proves that they are great for those who wish to quit smoking.

So, smoking is not good for my health and will cause all sorts of horrible diseases like cancer. Smoking is addictive and I don’t want to be constantly smoking considering its shocking effects. Cigarettes packets are very expensive, I would much prefer to spend my money on more important things. It smells and tastes awful. It is also not very good for the environment either. My family would not approve of it. They know the risks and consequences of smoking.

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