Harriet Tubman`s 'Amazing Things' in Developing Liberty

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“I have reasoned this out in my mind, there is one of two things I have a right to do; Liberty or death. If I could not have one I would have the other.” once said Harriet Tubman. This report is about all the amazing things Harriet Tubman did over the years.

Harriet Tubman was born near 1820 in Dorchester County, Maryland as Araminta Ross. Her parents Harriet Green and Ben Ross were slaves, so she was born into slavery. Harriets ten siblings were also slaves. She and her family lived in a one room cabin. Then when she was six years old she was sold to a different slave owner. When she worked for this family she took care of white children. There she only got table scraps to eat. This owner was not kind to her and smacked her on the back for disobeying rules. When she was thirteen years old she changed her first name to her mother’s name, Harriet. Later she got struck on the head by a man who meant to throw the Iron weight to his slaves but hit Harriet instead. That day she almost died and she got blackouts and dizzy spells for the rest of her life.

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Later on in her life she married John Tubman in 1844. She would spend the night in Johns cabin and talk about excaping slavery but John did not like that idea. Then she was sold to a new slave owner farther south and she decided she was going to the northern states where there was no slavery. She spent many nights in the underground railroad but after a long trip she finally made it to Philadelphia. She made it to a state that did not have slavery. Instead of staying there though, she decided to go back and rescue other slaves. She helped her sister and her family escape her brother and many others. In 1851 she went back for John but she found out that he remarried. 

Harreit worked as a maid in hotels for cash for a few years after she found out about the remarriage. When the civil war started she was a nurse and a spy for the people who belived slavery was wrong. She also helped a military campaign rescue slaves during the war. After the war ended she was going on a train and she had a half price ticket for serving the war but the train driver said that her ticket would not work because she was black. Then she refused to get off the train and four men twisted her arm and threw her into a baggage car. After this happened she moved on with her life and married Nelson Davis. Harriet still would talk about equal rights for black people and women but not as much. 

Then in 1888 her husband Nelson died. Later she opened a school for former slaves children and a home for poor and sick afracan americans. Sadly Harreit Tubman died on March 10th 1913. Because of Harriet Tubman many slaves escaped. She helped around three hundred slaves be free. She also helped slavery be iligal by partisapating in the war by being a spy and a nurse. Even though she is not here today she is still remembered by many people for the amazing things she did. She is important and I think everyone should know about her.              

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