Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: the Plot of the Book and Its Analysis

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Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone is the first book in a seven-part series of books, written by J.K Rowling. The book received many awards and prizes and was the bestseller book out there. The book introduces harry potter as a boy who going through a journey from being a normal muggle into a world of wizards and magic in which he discovers his true identity. My purpose in this paper is to show how J.K Rowling does an amazing job in communicating the similarities between the muggle world and the wizarding world in the day to day routine, the victory of good over evil and desire.

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To carry out the purpose of this paper, I will divide the paper into three sections. In the first section, I would talk about how J.K Rowling presented the differences and similarities between the two worlds in the book in the day to day activities. In the second section, I would talk about how the good always defeats the evil throughout harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone book and how it is similar to our human world. I will also include the cited works at the end of this paper.

The Realism of the Two Worlds in Day to Day Activities

The wizarding world in the book has some similarities and differences in the real world. Like our world, the wizarding world have ministry of magic which controls many aspects of their world, schools, shops, restaurants, train stations and a bank called Gringotts which is managed by goblins and is considered a safe place for storing money and other valuable stuff. Another similarity between the two words is following the rules and regulation which is assigned by the government and the school to keep the place in order, for example, at Hogwarts they were told many rules such as magic is not allowed to be used outside of the school, the third corridor is forbidden to everyone and if anyone breaks the rules they are punished by the school or by the ministry of magic, but as we see in the story harry and his friends disobey the rules and as in our real world we humans sometimes disobey the rules which lead us to suffer the consequences.

Another similarity is the form of communication used in each of the worlds, in the human world we use computers, phones, and newspapers as a means to communicate with people around us which is similar to the newspaper and the owl used in the story. Furthermore, we learn about their society and how it is divided into classes such as, upper classes like the Malfoy’s that are considered powerful and rich. As well as, the lower class like the Weasley’s that are considered poor. Moreover, in the story, we can feel the hatred towards the muggle world and the wizards which are half-blood as well as, the elves like Dobby which are disrespected and considered servants to their masters.

The two worlds seem so similar as in the book they talk about seasons from summer to winter and how they celebrate their holidays. We can notice the feelings of love, jealousy, rudeness, and curiosity. Furthermore, we can acknowledge how imagination and being different (an outcast) is acceptable in the wizarding world but in the human world it is unacceptable as well in the book they talk about how the Dursleys (muggles, Harry’s family) called wizards crazy for being different and did not accept imagination. In addition, we can see that in the wizard world experience ordinary problems similar to the human words even death is a natural thing, Harry’s parents, many great wizards, and Nicolas Flamel as they say in the book “death is but the next great adventure”. (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone, the man with two faces, Rowling, p.297).

The Victory of Good Over Evil

We can notice while reading the book the war that is going on between the good side and the evil side, as harry encountered many events of good and evil starting with how the Dursley treated harry awfully to the biggest evil that the story is based on that is Voldemort resembling the snake in the story of Adam and Eve. Harry Potter was feeling confused throughout the story about which side to choose between good and evil, as the story tells us “There is no such thing as good and evil. There is only power” (Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s stone, The man with two faces, Rowling, p.291). In our human world, we struggle to recognize what is good and what is evil, there are many people that decide to stick with evil and bad things as it is easier to believe and do it and there are others who will try their best to stay at the good side and do good in everyday life even though that believing in the good call for strong faith. Overall, in the book good conquers evil as Harry tries his best to always stay on the good side.

The Risk of Desire

We can see in the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone desire with how Voldemort desires the stone for himself to be immortal. In chapter twelve that is (the mirror of raised), we can feel Harry’s desire to see his parents and feel their presence, Dumbledore explains to Harry that the mirror shows us what we desire in our hearts and tells him that overindulgence in desire is risky as we could lose our life perspective and live in dreams that aren’t real just like us in the human world we sometimes forget to live and instead linger over regret, the past or the present.

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