How Going to Harvard Business High School Will Help Me to Make My Dream of Opening My Own Business Come True

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Harvard Business School is the best and prestigious institute for its management program, where the faculty not only focus on research and analytical level but also help in the overall development of the individual, so that the students are industry-ready and will able to solve any strategic problems faced by the multinational corporations. For me, studying in Harvard is my dream. Since from childhood, I had a dream to start my business but due to financial status of my family and lack of resources, I had to sacrifice my dream and had to take a job making myself uncomfortable and making my family the happy one. After working for more than two years in a IT firm, there was one regret in my life that to start my business. The only thought that struck my mind was to pursue MBA which can be helpful for my start-up, and I learnt that Harvard has started a Start- Up Studio, where HBS encourages many of its students to work on their start-up’s in collaboration with the Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship.

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I was enthralled with the idea as it provided me, a ray of hope to achieve my dreams. Harvard has the people from various cultures and diverse backgrounds which will help me to adapt and the exposure to various tribes across the globe. Having said that the institute has the strongest alumni which is one of the factors, where the alumni are so helpful to invest resources by encouraging the ideas of students. The institute will help me to grow both with the technical and application level by harnessing my efforts endlessly. The institute will help me to develop the intellectual skills and build my career in proliferate manner. Harvard has done a lot of research in management field in the form of case studies, assignments and requires out of box thinking to extract the solution for the problem faced by the behemoth firms. This kind of learning is exactly what I want to take up and to gain the credibility of attaining the business knowledge.

Coming from a middle class background, my family has worked arduously to educate me. When I came up with the idea of doing an MBA, my family was affectionate to my idea. Even though, Its highly difficult for them to compensate the expense of the top b-school hoping that a financial aid will be available for me. But, my hunger for pursuing an MBA from this prestigious institution will be a pinnacle for me and a stepping stone for my business career.

When I told my supervisor and manager about opting for MBA from Harvard, they were pretty startled and told me, you have just encumbered your life by opting HBS because of the rigorous academics. I have explained them about my career goals and path to take up, which can only be possible by studying at HBS. They were enthusiastically accepted my decision, and encouraged me a lot by giving the necessary inputs whenever required.

Expanding horizons, a single opportunity can change the course of my life. So, I hope this is my one and only opportunity to prevail my talent and to work with the best minds in the world. This institute can help me find myself along with the exposure to the cosmopolitan culture. Harvard would able to fill the gap between my work-life and my goals. It would be a great pleasure and happy moment for me, if I get the opportunity to study in this reputed institute and making my dreams come true.

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