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Positive and Negative Effects of Human Curiosity on the Planet

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Human are the highest form of animals in the world since we have many capabilities which other animals can never have. We have some abilities that other animal doesn’t have. Like the ability of thinking, creativity, problem solving and communication. Human are also can anticipate and understand more than other animals. Human surpasses other animal through thinking. They say one of the most dangerous traits of humans is curiosity. According to dictionaries I read, Curiosity is a strong desire to or learn something.

They say curiosity kills a person but for me being ignorant can kill you or you can kill someone. Human curiosity has a strong impact on our planet. Both positive and negative effect. Human curiosity it can really help you to comprehend more situation. It can make a human smarter and wiser. If you are curious you start to investigate things that really itch you to know. Due to curiosity you will explore a lot of places, stuff and more in order to gain knowledge and answers. You can learn from being so curious but also you put yourself into danger. For me the effect of being too curious can be helpful or destructive. It’s helpful since if you’ll be in some situation that allows you to demonstrate the things that you learn through to your learning perhaps you can save a lot of people. It can be destructive if you misuse and misinterpret everything you learn from it. The greatest possibilities that being curious is you can be smarter and wiser than anyone else. Since your learning has a gap between other humans. Is it good to become curious it can help people doesn’t know something about a thing in this world. You can always reach your hand to them and share everything you learn. Is really also helpful to our planet if you have enough knowledge you can start something that can show you determination to others. In other hand being to curious can lead into chaos if you misjudge its ability. We really don’t know what humans thinking. If he has some destructive idea then he can be manipulative to others and can cause a great danger. Using our own curiosity is a matter of how, when, where and when. Sometimes curiosity can lead a human to become an ill-mannered and vulgar. Sometimes when a person is curious they forget what will happen after the action they made. The urge of learning something can lead a person into a rude attitude.

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Curiosity can be influence others. It’s a thing that human always human had. The more we know something the more we want to know more. As we grow up we learn how to handle those things. We learn to observe before touching. We learn to think first before speaking. We learn to rational anything that comes into our mind. Human had the ability to comprehend anything due to our thinking and putting them into right act. Curiosity can be both dangerous and risky if we misuse. It can also be helpful and useful.


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