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Has the Cold War Really Ended?

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The ancient history is full of stories about wars that happened before some of us were even born. Wars such as World War 1, World War 2, Civil War, and many others. However, several decades ago after the second world war ended another war started to rise. This war was called the Cold War. The Cold War has a long historical background, and its duration is still unknown due to recent events that took place around the world. this topic is still open for discussion, and it is also widely controversial. No matter how deep we go into research we can never know what goes in the minds of the democrats, the republicans, the capitalist, or even the communist world leaders. At the end, every person has his own opinion, and we cannot take any for granted.

Before writing about the Cold War in depth, I believe that some major events that led to it should be mentioned. To begin with, World War II was a major event that helped form the Cold War. According to historical resources, World War II was the worst war the world has ever been through. Resulting in the death of millions even billions of innocent Jewish people because of a simple racial hatred. For Adolf Hitler he used the most inhuman way of execution, which was using the “Zyklon-B” in gas chambers after starving the victims and making them work for months and years. This all because of an idea that all Jews were below the social classes of the Germans, and did not deserve to live. However, Hitler was not the only heartless leader, across the North Atlantic Ocean another heartless leader was preparing two destructive atomic bombs that would be dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That leader was Harry Truman. The total result of both atomic bombs was the abolition of almost 90% of both countries, the killing of approximately 120,000 people, and caused a forever mutation in the genes of the upcoming offspring. However, all of this does not lead to the Cold War. What really has to do with it was what happened after the Second World War ended, which was the division of Berlin, Germany into the Communist and the Capitalist. Of course the Soviet Union controlled the communist side, the other side (Capitalist side) was controlled by the United States, Britain, and France. That is when the cold war started between the Soviet Union and the United States.

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The Cold War started back in 1947, when the Soviet Union wanted to spread communism all around the world. So, it had taken control of eastern Europe. America feared that Europe would turn communist so they executed what was called the Marshall plan, which meant to aid Europe through times in need. To complicate the situation even further, what is known as the Berlin wall was built. No one from the East can pass to the West and vice versa. People living in communism had harsh living conditions and even tried to escape a couple of times, but it did not work. The Soviet Union’s plan to make the whole communist failed and the Berlin wall was crushed in 1989 to end the discrimination. Not to mention that another cause of the Cold War was that president Truman did not necessarily like Stalin that’s why he wanted to destroy him.

The Cold War has many effects that are negative on our world today. Those effects include the development of huge and countless nuclear weapons for both sides. Those weapons that put our current world in danger because all countries have developed them too, and all countries are threatening the weakest with using them on them. Later on, the SALT treaty was formed to limit the use of Nuclear weapons and their production, but unfortunately this treaty was broken many times. Not only that, it has also lead to the collapse of communism world wide because of economic weaknesses, and that lead to America being the sole superpower of the world until our current day. The collapse of the Soviet Union lead to many communist countries being free and independent.

Many websites presented that the Cold War started to end when the Berlin wall was put down. Communism was demolished and no competition was present between America and the USSR. That was proven during the conference on November 9th, 1989 between the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and the American president George Bush. Nevertheless, The war might have ended in name only. Meaning that we still face the residue of it until our current time, for example, the attack against Russia that was held by America in Syria last month. That attack proves that America, Britain, and France are still afraid from Russia and the possibility that it might strike using its nuclear weapons.

In my personal opinion, I believe that we are still facing the cold war in many different ways, but this time around it is not as publicly announced as before and with less intensity. Especially in the days of Trump now, he wants to be the greatest president of America, so he would do anything to defy its old enemies. Something presidents before him did not do because they were afraid of the nuclear war to arise. Since its now the talk of all the politicians of how a possible third world war would occur and it would not be just normal machine guns and missiles with a limited range, it is going to involve a nuclear power like never seen before. Wide and long range missiles that could erase whole countries in a couple of minutes, and at some point the madness of proving who is the toughest has to end.

In cessation, the cold war is still a wide topic to discuss and to look deeply into, but if one person looks at the facts from a wider point of view he/she would notice that the war is not over yet. In fact we are awaiting a much bigger, much dangerous war to come in the near future, if no one decides to stop the nonsense of the nuclear power show between the politicians. It is really in the power of people who do not know the difference between real toys and destructive powers.


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