Health Benefits of Karnapidasana (knee to Ear Pose)

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Karnapidasana: Knee to Ear Pose

The ideal way to keep the body robust and frolic both physically and mentally is to walk the path of yoga. Practiced for centuries by sages, seers, and yogis for maintaining the health of human system and serenity of the mind, the science of yoga continues to be the perfect caretaker of the individuals in the modern times. “ What comes Easy, Won’t Last. And What Will Last, Won’t Always Come Easy.” Certainly The quick-to go methods fade soon, but an inversion demanding flexibility and balance– The Karnapidasana (Knee to Ear Pose) lasts an eternity showering the individuals with good physical and psychical health. Karnapidasana comes from a Sanskrit word ‘Karna’ meaning “ear”, ‘Pida’ meaning “pressure”, and ‘Asana’ meaning “seat or pose.” Karnapidasana is also referred by an alternate name ‘Raja Halasana’ (King Plow Pose) as it is an advanced version of Plow Pose.

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Let’s start with the practice of Knee-To-Ear Pose. Here is the list of the steps.

  1. To do Karnapidasana, perform Halasana ( Straight legs beyond the head while the arms, crown of the head, and shoulders rest on the floor).
  2. Uplift the hips toward the ceiling and bring the knees down parallel to the ears. Press the knees to the sides of the ear.
  3. Keep the arms erect along a yoga mat, palms down.
  4. Hold the pose for 5-6 breaths and slowly release the pose.

Modifications of the Karnapidasana:

  1. During the performance of the pose, keep your hands on the back for extra support.
  2. Place the feet on a yoga block for elevation.
  3. If facing difficulty in placing the knees next to the ear, rest them beside the forehead and hands to the ears. Slowly, bring the knees to the ears.

An advanced Plow Plose – The Karnapidasana is great in benefits as it is in its execution. Given below are the seven benefits of Knee-To-Ear Pose:

  1. Activates the dormant Powers: Traditionally, the Knee-to-Ear pose stimulates the Vishuddha, Svadhisthana, and Manipura Chakra. The Visuddha purifies the body and psyche, Manipura regulates vitality and energy flow, and Svadhisthana fosters focus and productivity.
  2. Kick out the Ear Problems: From children to Adults and Males to Females, individuals are susceptible to ear problems like infections, loss of hearing power, Tinnitus, etc. Karnapidasana is an ancient method of treating the ear problems more effectively through the application of pressure on the ears by the knees.
  3. Fortifies the Back Bone: The primary support of the body– backbone helping you to stand, sit, and bend in a safe manner requires protection. So, stretch and strengthen the spine with the practice of Knee-to-Ear Pose. Stretching keeps the bones of the back flexible leading to a full range of motion and strength prevents it from the painful fractures and injury.
  4. Controls Negativity: Giving all the readers a brilliant technique of keeping negativity at bay and mind peaceful– The Karnapidasana. The pose harbors the capacity of Chitta Vritti Nirodha (ceasing the mind fluctuations). Exhale the gloominess and inhale the positiveness by bringing the knees to the sides of the ear in the Knee-to-Ear pose.
  5. Drain the Fatigue: The busy lifestyle severely causes physical and mental fatigue. The practice of Knee-To-Ear Pose is helpful in relieving tiredness and lethargy from the body and mind. The regular performance of this pose keeps the practitioners high on energy levels and cheerful giving them the power to live life to the fullest. You Only Live Once!
  6. Enhances Digestion: Constipation, Indigestion, Bloating, Acidity are common in the lives of many. The Karnapidasana is the yoga pose for improving the functions of the digestive tract. The position of the body in the pose gives a massage to the digestive organ and assists in amplifying its functions and productivity levels.
  7. Empowers the Thyroid Glands: The thyroid gland is located in the base of the neck controlling body’s vital functions like breathing, heart rate, body temperature, menstrual cycle, muscle strength. Such an important organ in keeping the body healthy surely needs care. The Knee-to-Ear pose empowers the thyroid gland helping it to perform its work with dedication and efficacy.

Mold the body into the Karnapidasana for gifting the body the gems of health, vigor, happiness, and strength.

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