Health Care Promotion Strategies and Approaches

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Primary care or health care promotion covers large number providers and services along the public, private and non-governmental sector. It follows 7 main principle. QUIT Victoria is one primary care program which aim to end tobacco use by discouraging teens to usage of tobacco and helping people to live a tobacco-free lifestyle by means of different program and activities. It was founded in 1985 with the motto of “TOBACCO FREE VICTORIA” and is funded by Cancer Council Victoria, the National Heart Foundation of Australia (Victorian Division), VicHealth and the Department of Health.

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The principle adopted by QUIT includes easily and accessible helpline and conducts different educational program and implements evidence based polices to use nicotine products. With collaboration of different organisation, QUIT has be successful to reduce Victorian smoker from 36% to less than 13% helping 1.4 million Victorian to live tobacco free lifestyle and saving around 500,000 Victorian from the date of their establishment.

Advantages of Medicare are:

Low cost: – As Medicare is publicly funded health service, it’s Part A program is free of cost and, it’s Part B premium program is also low in cost i.e. $134/ month in 2018.

Wide range of acceptance: – Wide range of hospitals, health care, doctors accept Medicare system. Thus, we can choose health care provider in most of case.

Disadvantages of Medicare are:

Long waiting list: – It is major disadvantage of Medicare system as patient have to wait for long list for elective or non- emergency surgery. Sometimes, this wait can be up to months long.

No choice of Doctor: – In Medicare system, patient are checked by available doctor. They don’t have flexibility to choose their own doctor which is commonly prevalent in private health insurance.

Three immediate health related intervention for Marcus are as follows:

Stop smoking: – Marcus needs to quit smoking as it worsens his pre-existing illness. To do so, his GP can recommend him to vist Aboriginal QUIT to educate him about hazards of smoking and measure to stop.

Education about healthy way of living: – As, Marcus lives alone in remote area, he might not have knowledge about healthy lifestyle and food to control his diabetes. For this, a diabetes educator can educate on healthy lifestyle, diet and regulate exercise to control his diabetes.

Regular check of Blood-Glucose level (BGL): – Marcus needs to have a regular check of his BGL. For this a Community Nurse (CN) can assist him to take his BGL and later teach him to do it own.

Two political or social issue that can impact on indigenous health policy are:

Socio-economic factor: – Most of the indigenous people are highly backwards in social and economical factor as compared to non- indigenous counterpart. They are deprived of health infrastructure such as proper shelter, safe drinking water, proper diet and effective sewage; thus, are highly prone to health-related issues.

Racism: – Racism is a stressor that affect both physical and mental health condition. Most of indigenous people experienced racism in their childhood which is associated with increasing usage of marijuana, smoking and alcohol consumption. Thus, negatively impacting on their health.

Two potential approach that may arise in between Sita’s and Anita’s approach for recovering Sita’s health are:

Age difference: – As Anita is young she would prefer using modern ways to recover Sita’s health while Sita being would might want to adopt religious measure for recovery.

Cultural difference: – As Anita was grown in a Australian lifestyle, she might have different cultural opinion than Sita’s who was grown in India.

Two interdisciplinary members that can involve in Sita ongoing health plan are:

Dietician: – Dietician can recommend Sita about heart- healthy eating guideline and can assist her to make a proper diet plan according to her heath need.

– Physical and occupational therapists: – Physical and occupational therapists can provide her appropriate regular physical activity plan which will improve her health. As Sita have high level Private Health Insurance, she wouldn’t have to wait for line for any medical check-up or any further incident that might occur. She also can choose her own doctor for check-up and can ask for sperate room during her stay in hospital. This will provide her sense of security and promote in her rapid recovery. Moreover, she can also take advantage of physiotherapist without bearing high cost. Thus, reducing her financial burden which will help in her health progress rather than one who doesn’t have PHI.

Two health services that can help Sita in Dandenong are:

Greater Dandenong Community rehabilitation Service.

Dandenong Hospital. Being an enrolled Nurse, I will let her follow religious hot and cold food principle if food doesn’t harm her health. I will understand her religion and make plan accordingly to minimize cultural sensitivity. By doing so, Sita will feel culturally safe which will advocate in her fast recovery.

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