Health Care Review: Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota USA

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Health is an integral aspect of all lives on the planet for not only humans but also plants and animals. We cannot coexist and live properly with other component of nature if our health is compromised. People have devised and improvised their ways to a healthy lifestyle through dieting, exercises and most importantly, medication. Medication is the best option for individuals who fall ill. There is medication for prevent, cure and improvement of situations. Proper medication is crucial to good health and thus survival.

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For this reason, patients have increasingly become specific with their medication especially where or which medical facilities to visit if need arises and which doctors for prescription. Consequently, medical facilities have followed suit too. Each health facility management has outstretched their capacities to meet the ever-growing demands of patients for specific medical amenities and services (Frampton et al., 2013). The managements have opted to hire highly qualified professionals and as well employ the latest technology.

Currently, there is a stiff competition in the medical industry as patients across the world look for the best facility while hospitals jostle for clients and patients. Hospitals have acquired the latest equipment and technology to diagnose and treat patients. They also work round the clock to obtain the best staff. It has thereby become difficult for clients to know which facility is the best and at times, it is not easy to maintain a particular medical facility. The best solution to this predicament was in marketing styles and strategies (Solomon, 2003). Hospitals and clinics have branded their commodities such that they would be recognized and identified with them from anywhere in the world. The facilities also have a specific logo. This type of marketing concurrently minimizes confusion of facility and commodity while promotes them through creating awareness at the same time (Schmitt, 2011).

Mayo clinic in Rochester, Minnesota USA, is a good example of a medical facility that has worked hard enough to meet the prerequisites of the population in the state and escalate to the top of the healthcare industry where it is today. Mayo clinic is one of the best clinics in the United States of America. It has risen to the top of the industry because of the successful marketing strategies through branding. Mayo’s product brands are identical and distinct all over the world.

The facility is essentially identified with an external triple-shield logo. The shields are bounded to each other to show cohesion and solidarity of their staff. The triple-shield is a sure sign that mayo is committed to giving the best services to save lives. Mayo clinic is ranked15th in adult specialties and 9th in pediatric in the United States of America (Mayo clinic, 2018). The clinic has attended to over 60000 patients in the most recent year, with an estimation of over 30000 outpatients (Mayo clinic, 2018). There has been visits totaling to over 70000 (seventy thousand) in the recent year. As such, these high profiles have earned Mayo clinic accreditation by the CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) (Mayo clinic, 2018).

Mayo clinic has an efficient surgical facility that admits over 50000 patients a year (Mayo clinic, 2018). In the recent year, mayo clinic has admitted 54,713 patients (Mayo clinic, 2018). There have been at least twenty-six thousand annual inpatients and over thirty thousand outpatient surgeries. There is no doubt that mayo is a health-mate. Thanks to its peculiar brands, it is easy to identify the medical facility and by their products.

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