Health Care System in Senegal

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The health care system enjoys a dominating place in any country in the world. One thus notes a considerable improvement of the health care systems of the countries under developed like Senegal. For this purpose the established budget with the health expenditure in this country has triplet between 1980 and 2000. The Senegaleses live better, according to the estimates of WHO published in 2015 in May 2016, Senegal has a rate of life expectancy of 64.6 for the men and 68.6 for the women and the rate of the AIDS is of 0.9.

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However it would be false to think that the medical sector of Senegal does not suffer . By proposing a model of evaluation of the health care systems, WHO highlights the insufficiencies and the failures of the systems of several countries of which Senegal due primarily to a defect of communication between the medium of health and the population. The main aim is to fight against this lack of communication between the sector of health and the population by marketing a specialized magazine in the field of health. The magazines in medical matter are almost non-existent (some one) in Senegal, which makes Public health a innovating and exclusive magazine concept.


Taking as a starting point an American concept, Public health is a magazine with two formats which are not completely independent and relate to in general on health national and international in particular, putting at the perfume the field medical, pharmaceutical, odontalgic, dermatological.


The idea to create our company comes from the report which the working population becomes increasingly concerned and very takes in heart their good health. Our idea shaped after a remark of a lack of medical magazine which can not only compete with the others on the market but also on the one hand will serve as less to make expect the patient with the reception without being bored, to animate the pause of the agents of health and to connect the medical sector to pharmacies which must be in perpetual connection.


It is the standard magazine under paper size. It is subdivided in several topics which are: News on health, ?? With the affiche’ ‘which treats on the general topic number, the discovery for the interviews and exposed of under topic, the portrait which is always in the medium and detachable bearing on an icon of Senegalese health, the medical advices, the part advices nutritional, the tricks and tips, the kitchen, the care and beauty which representatives the dermatological part, the entertainment (Quiz health, crossword and Jokes) included to offer to the agents health what to accompany their pause, finally the pharmaceutical part which is made up of news on the stock shortages and the new ones produces.


It is the part ?? Blog ”which constitutes SP magazine typically because makes it possible the company to turn into to interactions aves the subscribers and studied their behaviour vis-a-vis the publications thus making it possible to come out from it the topics which have the most reactions with respect to the population. Moreover allows informed Net surfers each exit. They constitute Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (more powerful) and the Web site in creation


Marketing will be made in quads (4) phases:

  • The PRICE
  • The DISTRUBUTION or the Sales force

The communication will be done by the means of the advertisements for the sales promotion, but technique of communications of each individual according to the theories of interpersonal communication. The group Public health Magazine adopts a strategy for the product in order to:

  • To set up a policy of quality
  • To position the product

We will locate our product vis-a-vis competition and their to allot one competitive advantage in particular over quality, the price, and conformities of information which the magazine abounds. After a very thorough logical approach of the market one had has to fix a very reasonable price for the population. The marketing activity will be exerted in various forms for on the one hand setting up a policy of sale (salesmen, action of communication, formation to the product?) and in addition to use techniques aiming has to make profitable a retail outlet thanks to a permanent adaptation of the set, the installation of a magazine and the establishment of the rays. Principal the techniques are established according to three types of markets: subscribers, social networks and kiosks.


Those are the hospitals, pharmacies, the dentists, etc which go subscribed to receive at each exit their magazine.

Social networks

This sector will be revolutionized by Public health Magazine because that will be a first for a magazine of this country to run out part of its product grace has a collaboration with an application of home delivery named PAPS which is also active on the social networks.


It is the part which will be to ensure by a publisher considering their experiment for the sale and will allow us to fight against the hacking.


The creation of SPM is explained by an ambition to improve the daily newspaper of the Senegalese population.


  • To support all the social actions in favour of the population weakened and stripped in the hospitals and even elsewhere
  • To contribute to the contribution of a support to the medical institutions or medical by reinforcing their equipment for better access of the population to the care and especially to information.


  • To work with the advent of Senegal of prosperity and wellness.
  • To bring to most underprivileged the one medical support, in particular hygienes preventions.
  • To bring a logistic and financial support in the fields of health and the environment.
  • To take part in the financings, the creation or the restoration of the health care centres or dispensaries.

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