Healthy Food and Nutrition: Possible Harm of Takis on Your Health

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Healthy Food And Nutrition: Possible Harm Of Takis On Your Health

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Can takis actually cause you to be sick or have stomach issues? Takis can even cause you to have cancer. Portion control is a big must when it comes to spicy or hot foods. Too much can cause you to have stomach inflammation. I’m not saying you should not eat them, they are good chips but, just control yourself. Before you learn about what takis can cause, you must know what takis are. Takis are tortilla chips made by Barcel that are coated in salsa and seasoned with lemon.

There are many different types of takis too, ranging from spicy cheese all the way to “zombie”. Takis took over the world in 2015. Everyone would bring them to lunch and if you did not have any you were always asking for them. Limit yourself, Takis are addicting but too much can cause you serious pain. Consuming too many can cause stomach pains and gastritis. A serving size of a normal size bag of takis is thirteen pieces. Studies show that normally people will eat the whole bag of takis.

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Consuming too many takis can actually send you to the emergency room with on and off stomach pains. Along with limiting yourself, takis have high sodium which means the tortilla chips are very salty. Since they have high sodium the chips can cause you to have dehydration, headaches and bloating. Long-term consequences of high sodium may lead to diabetes. Takis are made of harmful ingredients, these preservatives can cause you much pain in the stomach and throat. Did you know takis can actually cause you to have cancer? Due to the hot seasonings takis can cause stomach cancer in children.

An article from “ Fast Check” said “a former 16 month old was diagnosed with throat cancer, the toddler's teeth wouldn't grow in because the gums were infected from the seasoning. ” That child is stuck doing chemotherapy because of eating a few takis. Now, it's not your fault that takis are giving people cancer and stomach pains, sending them to the emergency room. Takis are just too seasoned. The company Barcel needs to take it down a notch with the seasoning or not make it as hot. Next time you pick up a bag of takis just remember to control yourself and not eat a lot of them.

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