Healthcare as a Special Privilege


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In the text about how healthcare could become private and no longer free, various forms can be used, but the purpose that is conveyed should be the same. The forms that could be used are, a formal letter to the MP, which will directly generate the message to the one you are speaking against. Another form is a headline for the local news so that people like you will see what the statement is and how it will impact them. The last form that can be used is a well-put-together song to convey the message to the audience and the MP but entertainingly and passionately.

The form of writing a letter will convey the purpose in a way so that the one who created the statement will be directly informed of your feeling towards the statement, in this case preventing healthcare from becoming private. Usually writing a formal letter will be written in a civilized non – aggressive way to help convey the message in a friendlier tone, and thus telling the MP about your feelings towards their statement and how it could impact not only you but everyone.

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Another form that could be used was letting the local news know about your feelings towards the statement. This type of form can work with your purpose to show practically everyone with television or gadgets (which everyone nowadays has) that they could be affected by the MP’s statement since private healthcare is expensive and not everyone has the money for that. since everyone will be notified about this statement, the great number of complaints from the people will force the MP to reconsider, thus creating a whole new meaning to how bad private healthcare would be.

The last form that can be used is to write and sing a well-constructed song. Since everyone is interested in songs and most people are entertained by them, a song with deep meanings on the impact of private healthcare, will show the negative aspects of private healthcare and let the audience know how they could be impacted, but since a song is sung through passion the message will be conveyed even faster because everyone will be interested in why this song was made and the true meaning behind it will be revealed.

The apparent relationship between the purpose, form, and meaning is to make sure the message somehow reaches the one who created the statement in the first place, by different forms or approaches to let your statement become agreeable for the vast majority along with the one you are against, by using facts, statistics, and inspiration to create meaning.

Purpose and form generate meaning because, when one has a purpose, such as preventing healthcare from becoming privatized, the form that is used to convey the purpose will create a valuable meaning to the ones that can relate to your feelings. Although the form will help create the meaning, another factor that needs to be taken into account is, who is the audience? If the audience is a bunch of rich people, the meaning will be of no interest to them since they have tons of money to spend on private healthcare, but if the audience is not rich, then they can find more meaning in your purpose, and understand how big of an impact private healthcare can put on them.           

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