Crisis of Modern Society: Healthcare Disparity and Health Practitioner Shortage


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Healthcare is and continues to remain a vital part in addressing the success of any regime in place. One of the main significant issues to address in healthcare is the case of health practitioner shortage. America does not have enough doctors to take care of its ever-increasing population. As the estimated number of five thousand physicians are needed to contain the population and the growing number of an older population. According to Harrington (2004), it means that whenever an individual book for an appointment in a public health department, they have to wait for some time. This is unacceptable, and something must be done to address these shortcomings. The system and policymakers must identify the gaps available and use the unemployed professionals to fill these gaps. All Americans must also be able to be granted quality healthcare despite their social and economic status.

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The first course must be enacted to allow nurses to assist in providing primary care. The advanced practice type of nurses is effective in the provision of services for the patient and the cost experience perspectives. America has a considerable demand for increasing adult health services, making the population of health practitioners entering the healthcare sector to reduce drastically. Purging nurse shortage, as examined by Shi and Singh (2010) is to climb to up to 40, 000-55,000 in the next 10years. Doctors recruitment might seem to be a logical solution though it won’t address the issue any time soon. Thomas Bodenheimer claims that the imbalance in the healthcare system has been caused by an increased chronic illness and an increase in dissatisfied health practitioners leaving the system (Mismatched demand capacity in the healthcare system).

Another reason for the doctor shortage is characterized by increased medical debts the federal and state governments owe these practitioners. One of the most significant policies that can be used to address the issue is to increase the reimbursement of the state’s primary care costs. It will encourage the improvement of stressful environment among doctors and also encourage more doctors to graduate and enter into the profession. Medical students must also be relieved of their student’s loan debts to encourage them to gain full employment since most fear paying these debts (with high interest’s rates). These loans obligations must be eliminated or reduced to help doctors in the process of creating legitimate health licenses (Harrington, 2004).

Relieving the American medical professional loan debts seems a more positive step that if undertaken, will reduce the current disparity in the healthcare system. Therefore, freeing the debts in medical education and also making primary care debt free will help assist in eliminating costs incurred by young professionals. Millions will be saved, and even, more doctors will be encouraged to enter and stick to their profession, which will help reduce the current healthcare disparity.

The Federal Government

The federal government significant roles to play in promoting American healthcare. One of its tasks includes healthcare provision and the offering of educational training programs for upcoming and young aspiring healthcare professionals. According to Shi and Singh (2010), the federal government is also mandated to monitor the American healthcare system through the management of a comprehensive delivery structure.

The State and Local Government

The local and state government functions are to ensure that quality assurance is improved in the process of validating the federal government as a national healthcare provider. Local government also provide more quality and practical clinical improvements that emphasize on quality clinical care. The state and local government also ensure that quality and clean water is accessible to all, access to healthy food, and also focusing on addressing its state/ local health issues. Another vital function is to educate and inform its public on health.

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