Healthy Food Practices for Kids


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Nowadays, we have been introduced to many kinds of food. The various types of the food come from all over the world. Thanks to the creative people who keep on inventing all this mouth-watering food. Especially the food comes from Mexico and our own beloved country, Malaysia, most of them are very tasty. Malaysia has many foods because we have a three-nation under one flag. Some famous Malaysian cuisine is Nasi Lemak, Char Kuey Tiaw, Curry, and Cheese Naan. But, without notice, not all of this food is healthy for our body. Ingredients in food that we eat should be considered first. Excessive use of unhealthy ingredients like oil, sugar, and salt can lead to illness to the consumer. The thing is, if we keep on consuming this unhealthy food, in future we will have a chance to face the illness like diabetes, high blood pressure and many other diseases that are very dangerous. Also, there is a lot of unhealthy lifestyles that most of us still not aware. This case has to be given a spotlight. So, here I will talk about some way that can lead us to a healthy lifestyle which is by practicing food pyramid among youngsters, frequently play sports activity, and keep your phone away to start being active.

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First, we can introduce a food pyramid to youngster especially when they are still in school. This is to make sure they consume proper food that is healthy for their body. By doing this, we can lead them to a healthy body and healthy lifestyle. Also, it is crucial to teach them the importance of the food pyramid since young to make sure they practice it their whole life and also teach their next generation in the future. Kerns M. (2017, October 03) stated that parent can also paste a food pyramid picture at their kitchen that can act as a reminder to the whole family.

Second, we can practice a healthy lifestyle by having a physical activity like playing sports frequently. We can also make sports as a daily or weekly routine. This is because every time we consume unhealthy things, we can throw them away from our body by playing sports. Every sweat that comes out from our body contains a toxic. Organic Facts (2018, February 14) on their website mentioned that other than having fun to play sports, we can also gain benefits to our heart’s health and lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Third, is to keep your phone away and start to be active. This is because youngster nowadays always spend most of their time playing mobile phone and watching TV which is so unhealthy for their body. The parent can take action by forcing their child to go outside during the evening to play a sport. So that they will have their specific time to do a healthy lifestyle and practice their social skill when they have to play sports with friends. According to Healthy Kids (n.d) on their website, youngster and kids not supposed to spend more than two hours on the mobile phone.

In a nutshell, three ways that can lead to a healthy lifestyle are practicing food pyramid among youngster, play sports activity frequently and keep your phone and any other unhealthy entertainment away. Even though it sounds hard, it is still very crucial to our health. If not, the effect in future will surely make you regret your whole life. A wise man once said, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

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