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Have you ever wondered if the words ‘heart’ and ‘mind’ are the same in terms of expression and can be used interchangeably or they are two worlds apart? First I want you to understand that heart I speak of is not that which pumps blood to the body but the one used to express emotion, thoughts just like I said; used interchangeably with ‘mind’. We are all entitled to our opinions and I will be glad to see them in the comment section of this article. now I will start with the ‘heart’. Where is this ‘heart’ we speak of located. Is it the same place where the physical heart is or somewhere else? Actually this ‘heart’ is located on the head i. e. the brain. A quick analogy will be that this ‘heart’ is equal to —- where our feelings, emotion are coming from.

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The heart basically is that part of the human body that attaches feelings, emotions to the everyday affair, thought and things we find in our lives. No wonder in relationships, terms like ‘he stole my heart’, ‘she broke my heart’ are used for expressions. And other sentences that has to do with the ‘heart’ have a touch of emotional attribute in them. My point here is very obvious; whenever we use the term ‘heart’, there is a touch of emotion trying to be expressed in that statement. Where is the mind located? Definitely it’s on the head. The term ‘mind’ quickly paints a picture of where all the thinking is done so a good analogy will be that the ‘mind is equal to — that part of the human body that calls ‘a spade a spade’ no matter what or how we try to shut it with our emotions. We make use of statements like; ‘it’s been on my mind to buy steem’ ‘I can’t get my mind off this situation’… well that’s the mind for you, it’s always try to be logical about things, see the pros and cons of an issue before making conclusion unlike the ‘heart’ that considers the emotional effect of an issue and draws its conclusion from there. In conclusion, the ‘mind’ and the ‘heart’ are actually similar in every wise. The major difference is that: the process and end point of the ‘mind is based on facts and logic whereas the ‘heart’ process and end point is based on feelings, emotions.

In a simpler term; the ‘heart’ is the ‘mind with feelings’. Lastly, it is of importance to say that the ‘mind’ is what keeps us and make us thrive in a lot of situations while the ‘heart’ is what makes us to remain human even after these situations. Like I earlier stated, this is just my view about the two terms and I will be glad to see your views also in the comment section. Thank you for reading.

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