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Heart-growing diseases

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Fast Food ‘Poultry Nutrition and Colddricks are its causes

Heart-growing diseases in Pakistan are causing permanent concern. Thirty toty percent of the deaths are due to heart disease. According to a report, millions of people died during the Rainy Heart Diet every year. If seen, the heart of man is a creativity. Heart sores’ nuts’ ‘drains are like sixty thousand miles. It is so long that if you travel on the go, turn around 2 bars. Our heart turns out to be a million times a day and if you are seventy years, your heart has broken about 200 million times. Heart disease is affected by the whole world’s population. About three million people die in a heart attack every year in the UK. Due to the increasing rate of heart disease in our country, our use of sugar, cholesterol is often used by obesity and cigarettes. In addition, if heart disease occurs in the parent’s age of fifty years, fifty percent of the risk of impairment increases. Eating habits and times have changed in modern times. Simple food substance is taken by fast food nutrients and chloridexs, as well as alcohol consumption also causes heart diseases. Increasing cholesterol also tents for heart diseases. Cholesterol is a lubricating substance that is present in different parts of the body, so cholesterol is normal in the body, but it increases the quantity of poultry. Cholesterol is formed in liver due to which the body functions normally. With the help of cholesterol, body routes include necklace ‘bile acid’ and vitamins’ decomposition, which can be found in different parts of the body. Cholesterol Dairy Products ‘Meat’ Eggs ‘Yellow’ The Pearl and heart attack is very high due to many blood infections in the bloody nutritious sweet bread. In such a case, the use of proper diet can be very beneficial, except for a small amount of garlic ‘Ginger can be used to reduce cholesterol. White use also causes reducing cholesterol, but if the positive way is adopted, it can be prevented from heart failure. There are many other reasons for heart disease: ‘In them, excessive use of salt’, ‘Do not have breakfast’, sitting late in the night sitting at one place may cause heart disease. ‘If we fasten 30 to 35 minutes a day’ Walk or other cycling can be avoided by playing the game.

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After heart diseases, liver diseases also spread rapidly in our society. Liver disease is a major disease (Fatty Liver). This disease affects the liver above the liver affecting its performance. This fat (Fa +) stops between the cells and influences the liver. Apart from diseases such as hepatitis ‘sugar’ blood pressure, obesity ‘lack of vitamins and food in the body’ is often used by medicines, as well as various stomach diseases. What are the reasons for this? This disease is less in the world but is very high in Pakistan. According to specialist doctors, symptoms of this disease take time to appear ‘It usually appears in the form of physical weakness that is not permanent’ in this case most people do not advise the doctor and Generally, life is continuing to give birth to ‘the second symptom of pain on the right side of the stomach’, when people with this disease refer to the doctor, after knowing the symptoms, doctors recommend different blood tests and ultrasound, Following fatty liver are diagnosed. Some liver diseases disrupt it slowly and the person goes into the mouth of death.


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