Hercules - Strength, Intelligence and Beauty

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Hercules – Strength, Intelligence and Beauty

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Many people have heard about the greek god/hero Hercules. Especially because of the disney movie created in 1997 about him. Today i'll be telling you why Hercules is important to greek mythology, some characteristics and symbols about him, and many more interesting facts. Hercules is the son of Zeus the god of thunder and Alcemene. Hercules symbolizes strength, bravery, and ingenuity. He is basically the god of strength. Hercules is famous for the myth of moving the pillars. The pillars are fabled to have been set there by Hercules as a memorial to his labour of seizing the cattle of the three-bodied giant Geryon.Hercules was famous for his 12 labors. He had to do the twelve labors because Hera sent a curse of madness to hercules. Making him kill his wife and his children.

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Even though the madness wasn't his fault. He was still sent to King Eurystheus to perform penance. Hera did this to him because she knew only someone would such strength like hercules could do these things. The 12 labors were killing the Nemean lion, killing the hydra, capturing the Cerynitian stag, killing the Erymanthian boar, cleaning the Augean stables, killing the birds of Stymphalus, capturing the Cretan bull, capturing the man-eating horses of Diomedes of Thrace, stealing the girdle of the Amazon queen Hippolyta, capturing the oxen of Geryon, retrieving the apples of the Hesperides and retrieving the three-headed dog Cerberus from Hades. Hercules now died after he put on a shirt with the blood of the centaur Nessus. The blood was poisonous so it caused Hercules to die in extreme agony.Hercules is related to his father Zeus the god of lightning god and his mother Hera the queen of gods. Hercules had a lot of children, but the ones he cherished the most was the children he had with his wife Megara. He had 2 sons and one daughter.

The daughter was the oldest out of the three children. His daughters name was Macaria.In this paragraph I will be telling you some characteristics about Hercules. Some of his special abilities is that he is very strong, stronger than most gods. Matter fact he is one of the strongest gods. His physical strength was a counterpoint to his lack of intelligence and wisdom. Hercules was considered violent, he was also regarded as loyal by his friends. Some of his friends were Castor, Autolycus, Argonauts, and Hylas.In this paragraph i'm going to tell you about some symbols that represent Hercules. One symbol that represents Hercules is a lion. A lion represents Hercules because it shows strength. Hercules is a very strong man just like a lion is a very strong animal, that's why he is symbolized as a lion. Another symbol was a wooden club. The club was carved from a tree called "The grand tree of life" which was the eternal symbol of life.Using a portion of this tree was said to imbue the weapon with strength equal to the man who used the weapon to defeat his enemies.In conclusion, Hercules was a very strong, courageous , and genuine man. I told you some characteristics, symbols, and interesting facts about him. And also how he is important to greek mythology. So now you can go inform others about greek mythology and maybe they would be interested too.

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